Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Steph the Slayer

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  1. That shit sounds pretty fucking awesome. I myself have never encountered a dragon on my way to school or anywhere else for that matter, but Im gonna remember that ‘fos ra duh’ shit just incase I do cuz fire burns and shit.

  2. Brilliant!

  3. Yes, SLG, but this type of brilliance makes my eyes bleed. We should nominate Stephanie for something. Maybe she can be her cracker town’s poet laureate.

  4. smart words make smart people sound smart.

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    I used to have time to read lamebook posts that were as long as this one, but then etc. etc…

  6. Stephanie can kind of spin a yarn, but she needs to have less Harry Potter and more depraved sex and drugs.

  7. This sucks.

  8. ^ no kidding…

  9. Stephanie should be careful so that she could never get an arrow to the knee.

  10. Wow, she’s really stupid. She should have used the Dragonrend shout then hacked the hell out of it with a Dragonbane sword. Clearly she’s not interested in collecting souls.

  11. I like that her mum’s obedient, like a dog.

  12. Are we to believe Stephanie but not that lovely lady who tells us about her step-mother’s donkey’s unemployed aunt’s online money-making ruse? This internet thing is so confusing.

  13. I wonder what she was doing on the Internet. I’m thinking she was either searching for “beach babes” on YouTube or cybering with another absentee school girl.

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  15. tldr

  16. What has happened to us when anything longer than three lines is “tl;dr? Has society really gotten so stupid and lazy? How hard is it to fucking read people? It’s not like running, you don’t have to be in shape to do it… although, come to think of it, most people could stand to do a bit more running as well, fat bastards. /end rant

  17. ^ tl;dr

    Just kidding! I read it. And I agree.

  18. I mostly agree, DA, but it really depends heavily on whether the particular pile of bullshit in front of me will enhance my life – in which case it becomes worth reading. Or is it another mangled trainwreck of crimes against the English language?
    I’d rather go for a jog than read the frankly terrible drivel that 95% of the population tries to say.
    And I really hate jogging because I have massive norks that hit me in the chin..

  19. ^ what she said.

  20. you should consider a reduction then, walt.

  21. “I’d rather go for a jog than read the frankly terrible drivel that 95% of the population tries to say.”

    Well yes, but then where does all the hate stored up from reading so much eyeraping grammar go? HOW CAN YOU BE ANGRY AND MISANTHROPIC IF YOURE BUSY JOGGING OFF YOUR RAGE? That makes no sense.

    Also, I wish all of you smart people would quit commenting on a rediculously overdone facebook joke site, and come play WoW where you all belong. I’ll recruit you in my guild and everything. SRS.

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