Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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  1. hahahahahaha that was absolutely hilarious! wow wee i havent laughed so hard in ages… especially the xbox disc gag. yeah!

  2. my best friend’s sister makes $78/hour on the laptop. She has been out of work for seven months but last month her check was $16958 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on this web site

  3. GoldenLeticia, why don’t you start blowing homeless guys for small change?

  4. My cousins best friends neighbours dad makes ¢15 an hour blowing homeless guys for small change, hes been doing it for several months and last month he made $7

  5. She must be a pretty bad lay if that were the case, OUCH.

  6. Are there homeless guys in India?…

  7. ^ Seriously? You think they live in lean-to shacks in the slums by choice?

  8. “It’s my sex box. And her name is Sony.”

  9. what kind of ‘client’ carries a rubber spiderman ball to ‘work’?

  10. Ms, I almost just posed the same question, instead I comment assuming she works in a daycare, and her clients are only 3. I was also wondering, as I’m sure some of you are familiar with p/s and the proper terminology, but just skip that. Pretty sure that guy is advertising the necessity to Photoshop his wang..

  11. Maybe they’re not allowed to access the internet from work, so in their spare time they throw the ball at the retard who’s been hired for legal reasons.

  12. cheer up then, crusty. at least they got a spidey ball to throw at you.

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