Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Try Again

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  1. Yeah, prolly not.

  2. 50 Stripes?

  3. christopherlovet

    Yeah.. shopaholic.


  5. owned by china would be more accurate.

  6. Dawn of the Dan

    Or, completely inaccurate, if you understand basic economics.

  7. sorry – i only had 2 semesters of economics. so when beijing uses their debt leverage to get us to sit back and watch while they take taiwan, you’ll understand what being owned means.

  8. The average US citizen owes China about $3,500. Shit, they owe the UK $1,000 apiece.

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  10. ^ Maybe your friend’s mom can use some of that money to pay back her debt to China and the U.K.

  11. Whats this? The US owes me money? Never before have I been so glad to be a limey cocksucker. My lawyers will be in touch.

  12. Limes in my experience are mainly bought to make Thai Curry.

    UK peoples need a new term. Like Kit-Kat or something…

  13. Go to México, Gonzo. They put lime on everything.

  14. If we were renaming UK people, they would obviously be named after a stodgy carb.

  15. Agreed, “pie and mash” is a viable menu choice over here. Makes me lethargic just thinking about it.

  16. ‘spotted dick’ we should call the pommies ‘spotted dicks’.

  17. Andrew is so typical American

  18. This is random, and only necessary do to breach of a former agreement. Anyone that doesn’t want to watch my textual assault please don’t watch. *Cap’n drops trou*, *whips out his cunt baton* and then *slaps Hawkbit in face with the bell end SO hard it leaves a bruise*. Now sir, would you like some ice cream?

  19. I remember no such agreement…

  20. It’s possible that said agreement was more of a one sided statement on my part, terms broken nonetheless. The outcome was inevitable.

  21. Ah, that’s why I don’t remember it; I never notice anything you write 🙂

  22. Fuck you, ugly smiley! I forgot.

  23. But the portion of pie and mash would be normal sized. Not SUPER MASSIVE SIZED with EXTRA LARGE diet coke.

  24. ^but it would still be overcooked, cold and soggy, right?

  25. Selective eyesight…I like the idea…hmmm…overcooked, cold, and soggy….does that come with juice bags or milk? Jail food is horrible…the stuff you get in prison is WAY better..

  26. Wrong. Prison food and jail food are exactly the same only prison food comes with rougher ass sex.

  27. Maybe it’s regional, that would only make it half wrong/right. County jails and State Prisons use two different catering companies…that’s right, catering companies are in charge of the inmates that do the cooking, c/o’s just stand around and make sure the tools that can be used as weapons are cabled up to the prep tables. Who would have ever guessed good ol’ CapnJaques spent ten years working in Corrections, making friends with f/s ofc gave me access to the food that wasn’t “spit” in. Huge difference in prison/jail.

  28. I saw all 6 seasons of Oz. So you cannot begin to aspire to tell me about prison food in a US penitentiary.

  29. I ‘could’, but what would that REALLY accomplish? The diced barbequed turkey is fucking awesome….oddly enough though, typical prison dorms are NOT that secure, and FAR more dangerous, at least the ones down south. However, they are plaqued with corruption and outlandishly violent, scabies outbreaks force quarantine, yay? Not when the whole dorm including you gets locked in until solved, it’s like mad max when some dumb fuck c/o walks off from the maintanence cart by the door during the release/return of inmates, esp during feeding…tools just go flying it’s like dudes getting clocked in the head with metal plates, stabbed with screwdrives and throwing them on the roof afterwords…massive cluster fuck…I hated breaking that shit up…but gassing the whole lot right before you run in and start cuffing fuckers up subjects you to the spray yourself…best and worst tool for offence/defense EVER. What did I even bother explaining this, the unhumane combo of benzos and morphine should have knocked my ass out by now…curse fucking tolerance..

  30. you should write this shit in your blog.
    I really mean that.

  31. Hah! Blog! Nonsense! Just some other b/s I’d have to sign up for. I actually had my own website/domain at some point, chat room/forum/public photo albums for members….too much fucking upkeep and money for me to bother with. That and all it would have taken was one bad seed, was totally hackable even for an amateur.

  32. stop living in the past, this is the future now.

  33. hence, lamebook being the NEW, futuristic location of me bullshit rambling eh?

  34. or is it your personal blog?

  35. It’s up for debate.

  36. Andrew’s actually right. They’re really isn’t 50 stripes on it, just 13

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