Friday, December 31, 2010

Gettin’ Personal…

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  1. combat!

  2. you wouldn’t still be refering to someone that doesn’t return your calls as ‘baby’ would you? it’s obviously been a while if she made it to 8 months without him noticing. also, ‘it’s 8 months old’ as opposed to ‘i’m 32 weeks along’ makes it reek with fakeness.

    skye- not a fair trade. it should be oral for a verbal. that’s not the standard anymore? no? i got ripped off.

    happy new years eve everyone and happy new year word, sobchack, and other ozzies.

  3. Leyden must be rather “poubelle blanc” if she is referring to an 8-month-old fetus as “it”.

  4. dude, you realise you just called her a white trashcan?

  5. Re : that last one, my sister got pulled over in CA under similar circumstances, but she’s from NH.

    The officer almost arrested her because he thought her ID was fake… because he had never heard of a state called “New Hampshire” before. CHP hires some real top-shelf officers.

  6. I flashed a cop once … entirely different result.

  7. “It’s eight months old”? Yeah. Fake. And not a funny joke fake.

  8. I laughed. Except not at the third one. Maybe I’m just in a good mood.


  9. my mother-in-law used my ta-tas to get out of a speeding ticket.. true story.. He also gave us an alternate route to cut 45 minutes off of our trip.

  10. You must have great boobs…a 45 minute short cut is nothing to scoff at.

  11. I find that extremely hard to believe.

    I am sorry, but number 3 just is not believable.

    I don’t believe TheBobMan either. There’s no way someone working for the police department doesn’t know what states are on the US.

  12. Heading into 2011 in exactly the same fashion… good for you, MsBuzz. You are a Lamebook constant. One thing, though… are you this much fun in real life?

    Enjoy your New Year celebrations, all you other bitches. I’m already in 2011. And it’s looking good.

  13. Nothing on Rob?

  14. @5: Too true. I left CA because the cops were dumber than the public (which was pretty stupid to begin with).

    @11: You must not have ever lived in southern California (to be specific, the dumb cops I dealt with were in Huntington Park, where cops are idiots and assholes…or at least the three that refused to investigate when I was mugged)

  15. @4 I can’t believe you didn’t spot the lack of gender conjugation first.

  16. “I don’t believe TheBobMan either. There’s no way someone working for the police department doesn’t know what states are on the US.”

    I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. You remember all those dumbass guys you knew in high school? Guess what line of work most of them went into.

  17. “cried like a girl”? So Skye is not a girl? He/She just acted LIKE a girl?

  18. The first part of Rob’s comment made me laugh, but it would have been even funnier if it had been Rob’s leg that the dog had humped and ripped to shreds.

  19. Skye flashed the cop. She’s a girl.

  20. @6
    I wouldn’t say it’s fake, if anything the real situation was probably that it was a rent-a-cop, she was extremely dumb and he ‘suggested’ that she flash him to get out of it.

  21. If when you read this, and you think #3 is the fake one, that says a lot.


    You ever met just real cops?

    #14 has it spot on.

    In Amerika, cops are powerful. In Chicago, they have the right to beat you in the street and you’ll get beaten more if you call other cops to show up to “help” you.

  22. @4 and 15

    Actually, ‘poubelle’ can also mean just trash, but yes it is feminine, as #15 says.

    However, no one ever says ‘poubelle blanche,’ (there’s no point in translating foreign slang into French, it’s pretentious and would be just as retarded to translate French literally into English) because that would indeed just make you think of a white trashcan.


  23. @22 I lived in France for a long time and I’m fluent in the language, so I do know that. I’m assuming that comment was meant mostly for #4’S benefit (thank you though).

  24. Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to start shit. I just get my panties in a wad over little things. Yeah, I was directing that primarily at #4.

  25. @21
    Thanks internet warrior, I’m glad you’re here on this, the most important of forums, to preach about the evils of cops. I was unaware there was any corruption in the legal system- espescially in Chicago of all places! until that comment. Apparently I’ve never read a newspaper or watched a crime movie in my life, thanks so much for enlightening all the concerned and important citizens here.

  26. You need visas to work in America when you are American? Interesting. Or, alternatively it seems, you just need tits.

  27. Ugh….^ is not me. *this* is my first post for I’ve been hacked. Not sure how to get rid of the hacker.

  28. So a hacker broke into your account somehow (not sure how they do that, that uber username man just creates another account of the same name with spaces afterwards I think)

    Then, after all that effort, just wrote the same kind of stuff you usually write and just made normal comments….

    That’s one helluva hacker, they got you good.

  29. @Jonjones,
    Yes, as if, right? As if.

  30. lol ^

  31. I was thinking you were in league with the opinion of MsBuzzkillington’s comment when I wrote that. She sounded like she believed cops were decent or something.

  32. @31
    God no, never toss me in the same group as buzzkillington.
    I just put rent-a-cop because it added to the point I was trying to make that she was extremely dumb and probably got tricked by someone with no authority.

  33. ^seriously, what the hell is going on with my account. Not going to scare me off.

  34. why does she thank her roommates for getting pulled over? is it somehow their fault? did they call the cops and tell them there’s an illegal in a Year,Make,Model on Street?

    Spay and neuter your pets.

  35. I wish police where I live were as easy to tame into exactly what you need…

  36. Oh I get it. #1 is funny because rape victims, especially ones who are kidnapped and killed, are just like inanimate, non-sentient objects, and it would be rather inconvenient to be implicated in that crime.

  37. @36

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