Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rough Relationships

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  1. hey i think i got a first:)

    that said… i hate crazy ass stalker exes…

  2. Christine’s photos? Christine’s profile? I’m confused. Is Christine the girlfriend or the wife? It doesn’t matter. It’s still funny.

  3. I’m letting you make a fool of yourself, yet protecting you because we’re friends. Those aren’t mixed signals. That being said, it was three weeks hombre – might want to dial it down a notch.

  4. I’m pretty sure Christine is probably an employee at Lucille’s. It makes the most sense.

  5. haeckel, yeah it does. Duh, me. Still funny, though.

  6. Why do people keep their exes as facebook friends? It’s confusing.

  7. Courtney sounds like a bitch anyway. Forget about her.

  8. Courtney seems pretty sensible compared to most people, actually. I don’t think being blunt makes someone a bitch. I mean, yeah, calling someone a “fucking bafoon” is a bit of a stretch, but still, genuine honesty is refreshing.

    David, on the other hand, needs to get his shit straight.

  9. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    These relationship posts always make me want to stab my eyes out.

    David needs to grow a pair. If you need sex so much that you willingly embarrass yourself on Facebook then I highly suggest hiring a hooker. Backloaded sperm in the testicles causes pussyish behaviour like saying you love a girl after just 3 weeks.

    Zack wins, that’s exactly what I would say if my friends did that shit.

  10. 2nd one… maybe its a lesbian with a wife and girl”friends”…. maybe a man, he used to take his wife there, and now they are separated/divorced, he takes his new girlfriend there… i don’t know, just thoughts

  11. Or the 2nd one they could be swingers….

  12. I wonder who won the $25 gift card.

  13. David, you pussy. Sometimes a breakup is protecting. It’s a great time for a boo tug.

    Dan and Ron, I’ve retched once today, this makes it twice. Fuckers.

  14. I learned the hard way not to fill out those cards when I was cheating on my wife. Damn you Chuck E. Cheese! It’s your fault I can’t live within 200ft of a school.

  15. G. sounds like a really big scumbag. I hate people like him. Just come out and tell us if you like the place or not instead of beating around the bush and telling us what other people think. You fucking wish-washy daisy.

  16. Hmmm… My boyfriend’s filled out one of these at Lucille’s before and our area code is 951. Well! Good thing his name doesn’t start with a G!

  17. Well, the name you know him by doesn’t start with G.

  18. @17 – You made me laugh out loud.

  19. I hope lamebook censored Christine’s picture. It would make it even funnier.

  20. Was I the only one that thought of Courtenay Cox & David Arquette with the names in the first one? Well… ‘cept for the whole “3 weeks” thing LOL

  21. Oh David, someone needs to teach you a thing or two.

    As for Danielle and Ronald, don’t make me sick you soppy shits.

  22. Its the fucking Beatles

    That’s it Courtney. Tell it as it is! 😀

  23. He scribbled out the start of his phone number. Think he forgot what it was? 🙂

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