Saturday, May 1, 2010


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  1. Who's That Girl?

    Nuff! I missed you too! Tried to get my husband to play the guitar on my back last night, but as he doesn’t know how to play, the random strumming of off key singing of kumbaya just didn’t do it for me…sadface

  2. Golly, I feel like I know you guys now.
    The 4 month thing eh? Last boyfriend I had dumped me after 4 months….on Valentine’s Day. Class A douchebag that one.

  3. Unless Daniel is 7 and has particulary vulgar gay friends, I must add to the cries of ‘How homophobic!’

    Also my bro has a 3-month rule with girls, perhaps this is not uncommon?
    Apparently after 3 months the sex just goes downhill.
    I disagree. I say 6 months.

  4. lemon i agree, at three months its still all good. It sucks but its true

  5. @wtg I’ll get you a pearl necklace and turn that frown upside down.

    Nope, after 6 months is when you start suggesting the more kinky shit seeing as you have built a foundation to the relationship and can now gangbang her, have three ways with other women, go to swinger parties, and romp in public paces. Keeps things exciting. Or you know, some good ol’ fashioned BDSM.

  6. if it takes you 6 months to get that far you’re not doing it right.

  7. Yeah, you can skip the waiting period by meeting them at the swinger party or with excessive amounts of alcohol. But then they just lay there on their back unconscious, and that’s called rape.

  8. Only if they remember xD

  9. They’ll remember the gape.

  10. Firstly, @2HB – awesome gratuitous Harry Potter reference.
    Secondly @Soup ‘lesbians are cool’ – Yes. We know and thank you.
    In general, sex only gets worse if you let it. Might I recommend sex in public places? Or some props, perhaps?

  11. I’ve not to let it. Used props too, but they get grumpy when you have them tied up all the time.

    Lesbians are cool and know it? Lame xD

  12. *tried not to let it

    also what gape?
    A gaping hole?
    Yes they probably would remember that, but I only use holes that are already there, otherwise they get suspicious.

  13. Lesbians being cool? Not completely true. An old ex of mine left me for another girl, and that other chick was an absolute man-hating bitch. Very uncool, though I did try for a threesome before finding new meat lol.

    Lmao @ having them tied up all the time
    and I’m referring to the anal gape

  14. @rwl THANK YOU. i was beginning to think it was a reference wasted on all you Lamebook philistines 😉

  15. If it weren’t for you 2HB, I wouldn’t have gone to that group and saw the pictures. They were surprisingly funny. Extra Harry.

  16. coldestcaress

    James is an asshole. At least it seems like Daniel’s turned out to be a half-decent human being…

  17. Way to be a jerk, James.

  18. myfaceyourface

    why don’t we just go back to the Roman/Greek way of thinking and be all lesbian and gay all the time…. no one cared, except for all the higher levels of sexually transmitted diseases due to so much gay sex. But we have condoms now and pills, and all those things….well some of them…not saying all gays have a higher risk of having diseases but that is why the pope banned gayness back in the day….
    and not saying that all gays are there for the sexy time,…. but i must say, i do love sexy time myself…
    so its okay James…

  19. Someone was raped by the gay version of Jason.

  20. Soup, I may not be able to pick a good man, but boy, do I know my serial killers, so keep those obscure references coming.

    Nonnie, anyone who hails from New York is a friend of mine.

  21. Ever get the impression that the vast majority of homophobes are closet homosexuals?

  22. It’s almost like they are saying, “ewwwwww, get away from me with all that gay stuff! I might pop a shtupper and confirm eeryone’s suspicions.”

  23. *everyone’s

  24. @2HB Roxy Music?

  25. @YeahToast yes and no, it is that song but it’s a cover which appeared in the movie Velvet Goldmine and it’s fantastic. I’m just glad no one made pencil jokes.

  26. Who's That Girl?

    Tired from a long night and in need of a fresh post. *sips coffee*

    Let’s move it Lamebook!

  27. I think his homophobia is justified. I mean it’s well known fact that if your child hangs out with the gays long enough it WILL be molested/raped by them and catch the queer.

  28. pineapplesalad


    It’s true, my father died that way.

  29. James is either a huge prick or had a shameful affair in the past with a lumberjack. I’m going with both theories, but I don’t blame the lumberjack. It can’t be easy to control your impulses while surrounded by so much hard wood all day.

  30. The best thing about this post is the title of this page.

  31. lol his dad is obviously a closet gay.

  32. Who's That Girl?

    I view malteaser as Silent Bob – never talks, but the when he does, it’s poetry ♥

  33. FlonkertonChamp

    wow. i would like to punch james mcjackass in the face.

  34. my dad tryd to stop me from hangin out wit my biffle, we were in yr 7 nd gettin arvos nd shit allllll the time, he full rang the school and everything, nd they hacked my facebook nd blocked him, but we still hang all the time 😀

  35. i love malteaser too

    WTG: Malteaser is a girl.I take her word for it.

  36. Malteaser is a girl?

    I had this image of Kevin Smith myself, the whole time. Now I don’t know what to think. Up is down, black is white, malteaser’s a girl, left is right…

  37. Who's That Girl?

    STFU! Malteaser is a girl? I thought only men could have that kind of casual subtleness. Or maybe I just like to run my mouth a lot…

  38. Walter Sobchak


    It’s “tried” not “tryd.” And what’s a biffle? And what do you mean “gettin arvos?” I know “arvo” means afternoon.

    And has anybody explained the importance of lubricating oil and PPE to you?

  39. Aussie Kid learn to spell, you’re embarrassing us all (by us I mean Australians).

    James just wants his kids to avoid homosexuals, what’s wrong with that? He can’t help that he isn’t comfortable with something that isn’t natural. He might be afraid his kid will turn into Justin Beiber.

  40. Warning, the statement above me is homophobic.

    Genius, believing it to not be natural is homophobic. Of course it’s natural, why would anyone decide to be gay? So that they could end up getting ridiculed by homophobic people like you?

  41. Warning, afsd94 is gay.

    Moron, thinking it’s natural to stick your dick where you shit. You’re dumb.

  42. hey asshole guess what? its none of your business where people stick their dicks

    besides, you have to be a real moron to think that homossexuality is contagious. its like not wanting your kids to be around gingers cause it might turn their hair red

  43. I don’t know.. I wouldn’t want my kids hanging out with gingers.

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