Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh No! Photos

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  1. cursormortis, you are a frodo and I question your sexuality and feel that perhaps you are linked in some way to some form of genitalia. Not only that, your level of attractiveness is not up to the standards set by society.

    I would make a hilarious joke at your expense but I prefer to not go further, nor do I want to debate the merits and flaws of your post.

    Good day sir.

  2. @cursormortis unfortunate tho it may be, I am probably the only one who read your post to the end. I would point out there there is indeed a typo prior to the one you did with purpose.
    “expounding upon how myu words” (I point this out not because I am one of the grammar nazis but just because it was funny that you were so careful and probably proofread it twice prior to pressing submit and I hate when that happens to me.)

    Oh yeah, and when preparing yourself for the insults you forgot one really popular one – you need to get laid. JK

    I hope you took this post in the light, humorous vein in which it was intended.

  3. I take my last statement

    yaya is a vaginal frodo

    You know take that in humorous vein =)

  4. @yaya 52: Egads! My beautiful post is ruined forever due to my oversight! Honourable suicide is the only recourse! Seriously, though, damn it.

    Also, I will not dispute that I need to get laid. perhaps you would care to take this up with my wife?

  5. cursormortis – Do you have a pool? If so, that could possibly diffuse the whole Frodo accusation.

  6. @cursormortis Self annihilation is never the answer, I would be more than happy to discuss it with your wife but then she and I would begin dishing as wives do. She would tell me all the things that you do or fail to do that makes you undeserving of being laid.

  7. Haven’t seen anything this awkward since Grandma farted at her own funeral.

  8. Lauren is the pussy that should have been put down.

    And what the HELL is going on in the dance picture??!

  9. Keanu Reeves In Speed

    Please tell me this Ben isn’t the same Ben who got all crybaby over the Fresh Prince of Bel Air posting. If so… he really needs to stop coming on this website. Dude’s gonna have a stroke.

  10. In the pic with the guy kissing the girl… the dude in the background has the same exact Henley top I do.

    Also, the girl they’re leaning over has amazing legs.

  11. she does have amazing legs… i’m fed up of wishing i was a lesbian

  12. Chuck Norris is first, always.

  13. Ben, you do realise that no one can register with the same name as you, right? If the name’s already taken you can’t register it.

    If you’re going to lie, lie well.

  14. ^ Oh, Benjamin.

  15. Hey Fucktard. Why don’t you check your facts before you post that I’m lying? I will post again in a couple of minutes with a different name.

  16. Here. What was that, a few seconds. You fucking dick.

  17. Do you see how easy it is to change you name on this site? You can change it to whatever the fuck you want. You’re wrong, I’m right. You suck.

    My point is that this is a stupid state of affairs. It’s pointless having a log-in but having changeable screen names.

  18. And you just proved that you’re the one who changes names, no one else.

    Thanks for proving me right, I didn’t think it would be so easy ^^

  19. By the way, fucking dick, no one cares about your opinion, I have to act hard over the internet because everyone hates me, blah blah.

    (No, this isn’t Ben- just me doing a very good impression of him 🙂 )

  20. Are you actually retarded? I mean, seriously, are you mentally subnormal? How the fuck have I proved that I’ve been changing names?

    Me demonstrating the possibility of changing names does not preclude other people doing it. Why would I change my name anyway? I don’t think that there’s any evidence that I ever have done, aside from the two posts above.

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  21. I hate Ben.

  22. that IS a gorgeous tattoo!!!

  23. dropitlikeitsroomtemperature

    I wish people could stop flaming each other and start realising how hot that broken-legged threesome is.

  24. oh my god that was a truely epic comment!

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