Friday, February 17, 2012

Like a Glove

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  1. Dylan made me laugh. It’s cool when a person can willingly poke fun at himself or herself.

  2. I don’t get it? What does he/it mean?

  3. Codename Dutchess

    His fappin’ sock is going to be so fucking jealous…

  4. Is it supposed to depict cum, then? If It is, it’s pretty fucking stupid…

  5. ^It means he’s bought himself a nice lacy glove to intensify the feeling when he masturbates – intended as a joke. Head over to the kids section where they’re still shitting themselves. Fuck off.

  6. @crustylovelips – thanks very much, but fuck off yourself, cunt.

  7. I fucking love compliments.

  8. but not from you, you worthless, pitiable excuse of a mammal.

  9. Haha! Just shows what a cunt you really are, doesn’t it?


  11. Kick ’em in the balls!

  12. be a good gift for the misses. good for hard to fuck places like the cinema

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s hard to fuck in cinemas?

  14. I should treat myself to a lacy glove like that

  15. Self love jokes never get old. See Married With Children.

  16. it seems my girlfriend has been cheating on me

  17. Stop trying to insult me by calling me a cunt – you’re embarassing yourself you puss-filled penile wart.

  18. Bring_back_fingering


  19. Penis McGuillicutty

    It was Valentine’s Day?

  20. Lingerie? For Valentine’s day I put a ring on it.

  21. his hand is a cross-dresser? no, wait…it must be a transgender hand. yeah, i heard of those.

  22. This is clearly a parenting fail. Why is his mother not questioning his sexuality and insulting his lack in ability to reel in the pussy? And for fucks sake, if he has a father, or friends even, I hope they’re beating the fag out of him right now and planning to procure him a prostitute..if for any reason so he knows what he’s going to look like when he gets older if he doesn’t fucking man up and shove his cock down some dirty bitches throat before class on monday morning.

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Cinemas? …really? Did I miss a memo?

  24. anyone notice, how the internet used to have the secretive memes, and viral videos, but now its like not to sound hipster, everyones experiencing it now. i think that it kills the mystique of anything funny or cool now

  25. Uh-huh. Sure. THAT’S what’s killing the funny.

  26. Did you just call yourself an internet hipster? Fail..

  27. really? huh. here was me thinking that it was fuckers like Flames – with their weapons-grade fucktardedry, flooding the internets with their ordinary drone lives that was killing all the funny.

  28. So, this is still the latest post, huh? Lamebook said, “This is the funniest thing ever. We’re done. Boom?”

  29. I signed up for this site specifically to ask you, Msannethrope, what is it about this website that keeps you coming back? Is it that you find the content funny, or is it that you enjoy living in these comment sections? I’m just incredibly intrigued by the dynamic here. Intrigued enough to ask at least. I’m interested in character studies/what makes people tick/whatever gets you to give an answer that isn’t a shrug off of my query. I’ve been checking this site for a few weeks and can’t help but wonder what kind of person you are. It would be wrong for me to make assumptions so I figured I would ask.

  30. I think there’s your cue , Bacchante…

  31. What is wrong with you, sababe? You need to calm right down, you are seriously losing it.
    I don’t think mr rected up there was attacking me, but dude, what the fuck do you want me to tell you here? because whatever bullshit I say will be something I just literally made up, on the spot, purely to get you to not ask again.
    I am a good person. But I am terrible at it.
    Also I am a terrible person and I’m very good at that.

  32. Penis McGuillicutty

    MsAnnethrope is a terrible person?

  33. Yeah. I can dig. You’re witty and obviously intelligent enough to use your wit for somewhat humorous lamebook comments…often…I think that is where my curiosity kicks in. For an intelligent person to spend so much energy and time (and I realize it wouldn’t take too much time or thought to actually come up with the material, i refer to the sheer bulk) on such a trivial site seems like a waste. I mean, internet away if that’s your thing, I just don’t see how lamebook posts can satisfy the need to self-promote. You’re right, I’m not attacking…and when I say self-promote I basically mean the search for a pat on the back we all base a lot of life around.

    Also, apologies for not trying to say anything funny.

  34. you just got served msanne.

  35. mr rected. I am here because it makes me laugh to be here. I go through phases. This is my lamebook phase, I guess.
    And when I get bored and wander off to poke sticks in the next barrel of monkeys, all the haters can crawl back out of their own asses.

  36. …but not a moment before, Flames, you pathetic sack of shit.
    do you ever get anything right in life?

  37. Ms Thorpe, please tell me you’ll stick around till at least 2025, and if you do find another barrel, give a brother some forwarding instructions

  38. I’m not sure if wearing that little lace number is going to make an improvement to my already optimised ‘milking one out’ technique to be honest…. It looks to me like it’d feel you were being thrashed off by an eczema riddled, dermatitis infected slutpig with a fistful of sand.. actually when you put it like that it doesn’t sound to bad does it?

  39. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I still prefer the inside out kitten method of self pleasuring.

  40. ^ Ahh the good old ‘Reverse Pussy Self Fuck Technique’… Old School but effective, hat’s off to you sir, well played.

  41. 38…cheesuschrist – Your analysis is absolutely correct and your analogical illustration is pant-pissingly effective in backing your thesis. However, you’re employing an incorrect assumption.

    It’s lingerie. Its job is to be removed and relegated to the floor once the deed commences – [unless] by design it is meant to be worn for the entire act.

    And send my regards to your sticky cat.

  42. @22 Believe me, when you are a fag, bringing a female prostitute only makes things worse…

  43. Im still laughing at how Flames thinks of himself as an internet hipster because he did it “before it was cool”.

  44. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m such a hipster that the stuff I do STILL isn’t cool yet.

  45. There is another thread where Flames actually tries to use a meme. It’s pretty fucking painful to witness. I laughed.

  46. I masturbated before it was cool. And after as well.

  47. I watched rubert masturbate.. Trust me, it wasn’t cool.

  48. ^ Seeing as you were already watching, you could’ve at least gone in for the Dutch Rotor…

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