Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Situations

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  1. Sounds like Garlan and Brandon are part of the Late Show.

  2. this antoine dodson stuff is getting old…

  3. OH MY GOD! Will the freaking Antoine Dodson stuff just please go away! It wasn’t even funny the first time.

  4. Well, obviously, we have a douchebag on facebook.

  5. No, Samantha.
    Fucking a India..n man.

  6. I’m sick of the Antoine Dodson stuff as well but most importantly… wasn’t that exact one or something close to it already posted on LB?

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah let’s start some racist comments. I will go first. Ahem, black people are stupid.

  8. sexclamationpoint56

    the last one was already posted on lamebook. come on guys start gettin creative

  9. If you compare the recent posts to the ones under the Category “Most Popular”, you’ll find that LB isn’t what it used to that I mean much better and funnier.

  10. It’s mostly because of you Keona.

    Cunty, eh


  11. I love you too, mass.

  12. I LOVE ANTOINE DODSON jokes, let’s have more! In fact, why don’t we just get away from this whole ‘lamebook’ idea (which we all know is just dragging everybody down) and just post antoine dodson jokes we find on google.

  13. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Next they’ll drag out the fucking Kanye West jokes again.

  14. Well fuck me the Antoine joke was better than those other 3 that were shit.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The Antoine joke was the only reason I clicked like.

  16. The Antoine jokes would be so much better if you could actually sing them to the actual song. Just sayin…

  17. Thank you all for being tired of the Antoine Dodson jokes. I Googled his name to find out who he was. Now I can say “I’m tired of Antoine Dodson jokes” instead of “I’m tired of crackhead black guy jokes” that I have been saying for the last few months. Makes me appear much less racist now.

    I thought the first was funny. Imagine a poor, lonely, unattractive Harry Potter fan sitting home trying to amuse herself when her one friend tells her to stop. After that, she probably went and sat in a corner and held herself to sleep. How is that not comedy?

    Boning Emma Watson is a fine thought. I will always hate forced puns. If you have to reach that far to make it work, it doesn’t work.

    (I do think “I’m gonna go smoke some Harry” is fine slang for getting high, tho.)

  18. Yo, Antoine. I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but my meme was the one of the best memes of all time. Of all time!

  19. I’m with fletch, the first one was made much funnier by the fact nobody else was commenting…

  20. 1 – is only funny because no one commented.

    2 – Ones like this are only funny when really well done and witty. Most of those comments don’t even make sense.

    I haven’t been on here for a while by I’m with Keona, this is not the stuff that was getting posted when U first found this site.

  21. 1 & 2 made me want to cry.

    3 & 4 FTW!!!

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