Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. wtf @ the last one!

  2. “You don’t know what you got until you love it?” (Even with the extra L it’s stupid.)

    I think it’s referring to necrophilia. “Mom was a stupid bitch whore but since she died…”

    I’m all for kids and beer, but the li’l rugrat should have a straw. He’s too young to enjoy cutting.

    Is it because of “accidental” pictures like this that Taylor doesn’t have Hilary’s number anymore? And how is this photo a fail? I think I spy a big black cock in that pixelated mess. Win for somebody.

  3. It says “You don’t know what you’ve got, untill you lose it.”

  4. Tanner, hurrr durrrr.

    Seriously, get the poor lad a straw! he might spill. Even better, perhaps get him a sippy cup and fill it.

    Hillary needs to try ear sex. Once you go black, you go deaf.

  5. @Keona Don’t you just love quoting popular television cartoons?

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    The black guy better be joking.

  7. Dannii has some major neck creases going on there. She looks like an alien.

    After much zooming, I still couldn’t make out a big black cock between Hilary’s legs. Very disappointing.

  8. LOL at number 6’s comment. that was a great one for sure.

  9. @stickymike This is the first time I’ve done that, so, not really dude. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the good time

    *** Black man

  11. I can’t tell if it says “love” or “lose” I really think it actually sats “lose” because the plastic is a little bunchy there.

  12. I guess Tanner’s inscription is a reference to his extra chromosome.

  13. Oh my fuck… 2 ‘l’s … really?


  14. Yeah, and is that Hilary’s cock they blurred there?

  15. I thought it was a wiener, too. Nice wax job, though.

  16. V E R Y nice wax job.

  17. Totally sweet wax job. She now looks like an overweight prepubescent chick. Boing!

  18. @17
    isn’t that how everyone likes them?

  19. aww, the first one missed it by thaaatmuch. sad. i don’t get the ellipses, though. are you supposed to read it with your voice trailing off like i do in my mind when i see them?

    loving the beer belly on that stupid kid though.

    the third one just looks… weird. it’s making me uncomfortable.

  20. mass, my dear, dear friend, God, no! For once, I agree with fealkj (I’m sure it will never happen again). That is a very unattractive, chubby groin area…

    Hilary, close your legs, lose some weight, and grow at least some hair back there. Ugh.

  21. Um…this is awkward…okay, I am just going to say it. It has been eating away at me for too long!
    wordpervert? I love you, and I always have. You are the yin to my yang, the beer to my belly, the orange of my eye.

  22. #1 what a beautiful quote to be fucked up.

    #2 I have a photo of my daughter “drinking” from a bottle of bud – big woop. Should I submit? It’s much prettier than this.

    #3 Oh dear Hillary, i’m now about to clear my photos in case of mistakes like this. Glad of the heads up.

  23. Well that’s very nice of you, fleur. I’m more than happy to be equated with beer. But why the question mark after my name?

  24. man, some women need to lose weight…

  25. @24
    Correction: all women need to lose weight.
    Unless they have died of starvation, in which case they have reached an attractive state within seconds of death but you know what they say, beauty is fleeting.

  26. How can you guys tell she’s chubby? I can’t hardly see anything but a few inches of skin and then blackness. I don’t see rolls or anything.

  27. It’s hard not to feel like a failure of a human being when everyone’s first comment isn’t “OMG, what a skank, she’s posting pictures of her vagina on Facebook”, it’s “OMG, she’s FAT!!!” I mean, sometimes I almost feel good about myself despite having a few more pounds than the average girl. But little reminders like this keep me in my place, thanks Lamebook!

  28. Last pic needs to be in urban dictionary next to FUPA

  29. wooooah, looks like Hillary has some big black D crammed up her cooter, hachi machi

  30. I hugely liked Joelle’s comment ‘um, hilary, what is this?’

    You need to ASK SOMEBODY Joelle, seriously. That thing there is what them rappers rap about… except for the Wu in Gravel Pit, obviously…

  31. @word.. I just sobered up and had another look.

    *quits drinking*

  32. Im always scared that I’m going to upload a twat pic!

  33. Sure it wasn’t something like this below?

    It does look weird, somehow.

  34. Oh shit, why the pixel stuff in Hillary’s photo 🙁

  35. You can’t tell she’s fat from that photo, and I think the blackness is cuz she took it with flash in a dark bar. Come on people. Wise up.

    I can’t believe the first one got “you’re” right, only to fail with untill hah

  36. In a bar, you say? I should get out to bars more often if this is the kind of thing going on. And I can totally tell from that photo Hillary is a chubster.

    That woman in the second picture is a real dog.

  37. Explain how you can tell she’s a chubster, I’ve been staring at the pic for hours trying to find the clue…

  38. slicingupeyeballs

    Um, pols – it’s the fat gut that gives it away…

    The pose sort of dilutes the chubbiness a little by diverting attention to her plucked cooze though. And any chick who spreads, sticks it in the air, and takes pics is ok by me, even if it is the Secretary of State…

  39. I don’t see the gut she’s wearing a shirt

  40. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Just let it go.

  41. Fuck you, Dukey. If you’re gonna pick on someone for being fat, at least make sure they’re actually fat first.

  42. Hillary is sporting the old ‘Telly Savalas’ i see, aka a big bald cunt.

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    polsvoice you are not over reacting at all.

  44. polsvoice- she is chubby it’s true. morbidly obese no, but she has a pot belly. look how rounded it is when she’s laying down even. your bladder isnt supposed to stick out like that.

  45. Are you serious? She doesn’t look fat to me at all. She may not be wayy skinny but shes not fat by any means…

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