Monday, July 26, 2010

A Few Snappy Snaps

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  1. procrastinational


  2. the problem is, in today’s world, she probably will be successful…

    He he lost balls.

  3. Hahaha Lance Armstrong book next to a book called Lost Balls.

    Gotta love stuff like that.

  4. procrastinational

    …whoever that is.

  5. Yes you’re almost there. Now if you can only use the correct form of the word…….

  6. yap.

  7. The second pic is pretty hot….

  8. I agree, Xepher.

  9. yum. grandma incest… why not.

  10. And this is why Border’s stays in business. lol

  11. The second one… the f*ck? That’s made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  12. Do you think that gal is in high school or college? I was thinking [hoping] the former, but she has an engagement ring on…At least she knows that money, cars and clothes equal success. I am sure she is going to contribute greatly to the world.

    And I hope number two is a joke. The fingers running through the octogenarian’s hair puts it over the top. It’s like she’s taking advatage of her grandma..Grandma doesn’t know Airon’s getting off on this *cringe* (and really, “Airon?”)

  13. In Airon’s defense it started off as an innocent peck until Grandma slipped her the tongue.

  14. Nikki … I’m hear for you.

    When I kissed my Oma I pursed my lips so tight … but I did grab her behind the head like that.

  15. I miss my Grandmother…

  16. I miss getting head on long drives through the country .. yeah, that has nothing to do with my Oma.

    Hi word… you topless? lol

  17. Nah mass, all frocked up in uniform ready for work. Sorry to disappoint. You have a good day now, my oxycontin-loving friend.

  18. LOL@ Sensible Madness

  19. cheers.. have a good day yourself.

    I love uniforms..

  20. The really funny part about #2 that everyone has missed is that this pic was snapped at Grandma’s funeral. #WeekendAtBernies

  21. The one with the grandma is absolutely disturbing…

  22. I imagined Mario saying, “I just wanna to be successful.”

    Mama mia! That second picture make’a me horny!

    …ok, no, I can’t even say that jokingly, she loves her grandma a bit too much…

  23. Oh, but the Lance Armstrong one is actually really funny.

  24. Why would a grandmother let her grandaughter rape her mouth like that? She seems so forced. Poor grannie…

  25. …isn’t #2 ‘munting’? … Oh no, sorry .. not dead and wrong end.

    Night all … try the buffet, I ‘m here all week!

  26. Oh and that Lance Armstrong one is just mean. But quite fitting.

    It’s a wonder how Nikki graduated.

  27. Is anyone else seeing an ad for a “Modern Claddagh ring” that looks suspiciously like goatse? D:

  28. That isn’t real love! My grandma shows me true love. Anybody who gladly chugs my sour cream burrito after I have dipped it in her re-fried beans knows what rue love is about!

    The whole Lance Armstrong thing…Priceless!

  29. true*

  30. Okay, me and my boyfriend don’t even kiss like that sometimes. Awky.

  31. you guys are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable! I love it here.

  32. I Want The Welfare… Welfare & The Babies… Babies & The Lottery Tickets… “I Just Want To Be A Stereotype”… I’m Already Their!!!

  33. you can be whatever you just wanna 2 be soup

  34. Could’ve gone for the double whammy, as Tiger sort of lost his balls too.

  35. Paranoid Android


  36. you have to question the standards of an education system that let that dense idiot graduate.

  37. you have to question the standards of an education system that let that dense idiot graduate.

  38. i dont even kiss my grandma on the cheek.

    & really #3,really? i just wanna 2 slap you in the face.

  39. It’s just a rap song about wanting to be a success, I don’t get what is so bad about that. Who cares if she used the wrong there, that doesn’t mean she is going to go out and have a bunch of babies and buy lottery tickets or any of that mess. The stereotypes people put on people on this site over a grammar mistake are just ridiculous.

  40. Oh, I bet she is going to buy lottery tickets.

  41. facebook search “airon berry” if you think her name is stupid, she’s naming her daughter “adalein” or some shit like that

  42. Really ariesdragon123?

    The problem isn’t “their” you retard, the problem is her picture says Wanna 2 be” you retard..”their” is just the icing on the cake

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