Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Saw the Sign

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  1. BEN

  2. Sausage in the butt is definitely not the way to start your day on the right foot.

  3. Haha, Subway. You trolled us good.

  4. ahaha at least it’s not City Wok ^^

  5. a little butter helps the process

  6. krasivaya_devushka

    fu king chinese buffet
    lol : )

  7. lol.. sausage in yo but.

  8. The second one reminds me of a Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver I used to always drive by named Pho Bich Nga.

  9. Fu King Chinese Buffets, HOW DO THEY WORK?

  10. If I really wanted to be punny, I should have written “HOW DO THEY WOK”?

  11. OK, I’m done now, I swear. Thanks and don’t forget to try the fish.

  12. I gotta say, that’s a pretty fair price to pay for a sausage insertion. Plus, billions and billions served! That’s what really reeled me in!

  13. Subway erected a lol out of me

  14. @Bucky Fellini
    Yea the Pho Bich Nga is gone now, replaced by another “Pho” place. Kingsway will never be the same again.

  15. I really don’t need a sausage in my conjunction.

  16. @Stephan,
    Yeah, I have to admit that too.. >.>

  17. katattack,

    The Bich is gone? That sucks! Kingsway will never be the same indeed. 🙁

  18. subway for the win 😀

  19. Subway you cheeky little fella, I got excited.

  20. The McDonald’s one got a giggle out of me.

    As for Subway, I have a feeling there were still people not internet savvy that thought it was for real. Which makes it even better.

  21. McDonalds one totally PHOTOSHOPPED!!!! Funny, but still fake.

    Subway one made me laugh out loud!!!!!!! Too funny!!!!!!!!

  22. Maybe I do like to start off my morning with a sausage in my butt. >.<

  23. The Subway one was quite amusing. I wish the Subway where I live was that funny. As for Mickey D’s offer, no thanks. Not how I like to start my mornings. Needless to say, all three were pretty funny.

  24. christopherlovet

    Funny stuff, but is any of this from Facebook?

  25. What 24 said…

  26. I do0n’t know about McDonalds having the sausage in the but deals but I have had the “get free bits of eggshell without us even telling you!” deal before.

  27. I love the subway one <3

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