Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ThINKing Alike

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  1. The thing that bothers me is if that stupid bytch wanted that tatoo since she was 5, why didn’t she get it yet anyway? There must be some sort of time limit to these things. I told my best friend I wanted a porche since I was 5 and I made him promise to not buy one first unless I haven’t got one yet by the time I’m 92. That gives me three and a half more years to save up.

  2. wulfsgirl – Rainbow Brite!

  3. @ Walter Sobchak

    Gosh, you must be a right laugh at parties!

  4. Translation? She stole the tattoo the other chick wanted? It’s ugly anyway.

  5. I’m a major tattoo critic, and for a start that’s fucking tiny. Not only that but it’s outta proportion too. What a waste of good money!

  6. This tattoo is almost as cool as a TRIBAL piece!


  7. LMAO @nancy magoo

  8. that’s a fucking shit tattoo, what’s lamer is that the bint Monique got upset about the plagiarism, she should be grateful she didn’t emblazon her lower back with that shit spunk target.

  9. I love the word “bint”

  10. @16: You win the internet

  11. Wow, the smart thing to do would be to never admit that you wanted a tattoo like that. I used to draw “tattoos” like that…on my duotang at school when I was 13 hahaha!

  12. I’m with @PennyLane on this one. Who really is thinking and designing their own personal tattoo at the ripe old age of 5??

    Monique has issues that run way deeper than her obvious lack of prowess in the spelling department.

  13. Well, if she wanted the tattoo since she was five, she shoulda gotten it sooner, shouldn’t she?

  14. does anyone else think this may be another “doctored” lamebook post to make it look like she said 5 instead of maybe 15??

  15. blondie1508, no. Of all the photoshoppery to be done with this, that would be even more lame than all of lamebook. You are a frodo and you probably don’t have a pool.

  16. The main thing that pissed me off in this photo is that she said, “Thanks Katheryn” and the bitch didn’t even say she liked it, she asked where it was.


  17. I don’t like how the horns aren’t even and the wings look like they came off some sort of bird, not an angel.
    WTF is wrong with tattoo artist these days?

  18. And this is why I didn’t get a tattoo when I was 15. I probably would have ended up with a Playboy bunny on my ass.

  19. I don’t think that tattoo is really all that bad…but I hate people who just get tats because they’re ‘cute’ or whatever.
    I know if/when I get one, it’s going to be a crescent moon, in honour of my daughter Luna.

  20. insert clever name here

    @GoddessDigi – Really? You HATE people who get tattoos of images that they find simply visually appealing? You must hate a lot of people. You would abhor me but that’s ok because I hate people who make mass generalizations.

  21. @GoddessDigi – I hate that you named your daughter Luna.

  22. @GoddessDigi – I hate that you named your daughter after the cat in Sailor Moon. I was going to do that.

  23. @70
    Well, perhaps not hate. I guess ‘irks me’ would be more correct. Because, to me, it just seems like they didn’t really think it through all that much. Even if it’s ‘cute’, are you really going to like it when you’re older and your tastes have changed? It’s just a better idea to think of something meaningful to you rather than just pleasing to the eye.
    Now, if I had gotten a tattoo when I was like 17 or 18, like I had planned I would have a line of flowers up my leg. Yeah, now that would’ve been a mistake. xD
    Haha, I watched that when I was little. 😀 Luna’s the abbreviated version of the French name I’m giving her. Hubby’s not French, so he says it’s always just going to be Luna with him, lol.

  24. As mentioned, the thanking of Kathryn is best.

  25. whoa At 5 i was thinking about fairy bread not a ‘angel wings and devil horn’ tramp stamp!

  26. Why did she thank Kathryn? Kathryn said nothing that could have been considered a compliment..

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  27. elixabeth is a whore.

    Also Monique needs to chill.

    That is all.

  28. MOTHER FUCKER!!! That’s the tat I wanted since I was 4!!! Copy cattin bitches….

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