Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Lil’ TMIs

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  1. LMAO @Sensible Madness

  2. Holy crap! Am I the only one who noticed Jen was hitting from both sides of the plate during her nympho days? That’s hot!

  3. lmao, its a whole new world out there SiouxRunner, you could throw a rock and hit a girl that likes variety.

  4. I hate it when girls talk about their “vag.” Especially if they’re talking about their SMELLY vag. GOOD CHRIST WHAT’S WRONG WITH EVERYBODY, HUH??

  5. @spinach dip
    What’s wrong is some people have forgotten the definition of “discretion.” Which is surprising because I don’t think anyone wants to be remembered on facebook or any other site as “The Chick With the Hockey Vag.”

  6. Kluver-bucy syndrome can also be caused by acute herpes…

  7. Yep, my vag still smells like a dump truck tire.

  8. Katies status is a quote from the movie “Romy and Michele’s Highschool Reunion” and should NOT be on here.

  9. I caught that too, melissa1983. Now let’s fold scarves!

  10. The comment about the “vag” is a typo. She meant “bag” but it’s a hilarious typo.

  11. i dont think it was a typo. it was from a phone!

  12. i’ve been trying to get on that mono diet for years!

  13. dropitlikeitsroomtemperature

    Melissa! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve changed! Since Jesus visited me in my dream and told me that, should I stop sticking my tongue down everyone’s throats and hide behind his purity, we’d be locked together in an eternal sexfest when I die and go to Heaven, I haven’t contracted a single disease! PS: Sorry for fucking your dad.

  14. hahaaha Katie must have been watching Romy And Michelle’s High School Reunion. Totally awesome movie. 🙂

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