Thursday, December 1, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. BOOM. Way to represent all us Spencers out there bro. I doff my hat in recognition of your coolness/grammar knowledge.

    Also, I’m gonna bet that Greg self-submitted which makes it much less funny.

  2. Also, Karissa’s boyfriend better be getting laid for all that shit.

  3. Codename Dutchess

    Charity; Her mother must have been setting her up for success (stripping).

  4. I like the way Charity was smart enough to say probably smarter.
    Just in case any roaming autisms fuck her shit up with some mathematical equations or quantum physics.

  5. Last one is a real charity case

  6. It’s been shown in a study of the work place that women are meaner to everybody just to be mean, because they have to prove something.

    Men are only mean to women, and only then when they reject them or are afraid of their manhood and think they’re inferior. Otherwise they’re way nicer than women in the work place. Majority-study, of course.

    I think I’d rather work for a man than a woman, and I have many girls who tell me the same thing.

  7. Cool story bro, although I fail to see the relevance.

    I’ve had shit bosses that were male and shit bosses that were female.

  8. lol Bacchante

    You fail to see the relevance of an actual study about the differences between men and women bosses, but your anecdotal evidence is more compelling?

  9. Hi Petty, ah, no. I meant relevance to the posts / thread. It was kind of apropos of nothing. I wasn’t arguing with the findings.

    But, yes, my anecdotes are always more compelling than other people’s evidence.

  10. Mario brings up an excellent point. I would like to have the journal reference so I can cite it in future.

  11. Spencer.. made my day.,… lol…..

  12. I bet Greg thinks he’s clever. Except one day he wakes up, gets dressed for his job in the ‘siddy’, preens and primps himself.

    Then later that day realises how empty and hopeless his life is, being as everyone hates him and wishes he was dead.

    Good luck, Greg!

  13. Okay if you’re all going to say shit about her just because she made a mistake which if you never realized is a common mistake that a lot of people make then you all need to get a fucking life. For one, people often make more mistakes when they’re upset. It’s a male dominated country, men still get paid more than women even if they have the same exact job. So laugh all you want with your “bro”s, cause that makes you look so much better but if you seriously have enough time in your day to post pictures of other people’s statuses and day shit about them then maybe you should get a job or do something more productive in life instead of wasting it on stupid shit. Charity is an amazing person and you have no fucking reason to be saying all this shit. Have a nice fucking day.

  14. **say shit about them

  15. ^^ that’s priceless

  16. Codename Dutchess

    That is the most glorious butthurt rant I have ever laid eyes on.

  17. i find it humerous that despite your idiotic rant about everyone wasting their time instead of getting jobs, you still found your way here and are in turn wasting your job instead of getting a damn job.

    oh and also: fuck you it was funny.

  18. wasting your time, rather. not your job. because you clearly dont have one. idiot.

  19. @effyou, the misuse of ‘then’ and ‘than’ is a common mistake for a 4th grader.

  20. I’d love to see these stats that show that, in general, women make less than men (in the same job, with the same education and experience). Stats from the last decade or two preferably.

    Men do still make more on the whole, but that all depends on the types of jobs men and women work. (Example: more male doctors, more female nurses.) When a man and woman have the same education, experience, and job, statistically they make just about the same, although *WOMEN* make slightly more.

    Source: “Why Men Earn More” by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

  21. Actually statistically women earn about 9% less in the same job.

    There are several sociological factors believed to contribute to this. I won’t even go into the childrearing thing. One of the interesting factors believed to contribute is that as young people girls and boys are taught differently how to negotiate. Girls are taught to be “nice” and boys are taught to get in and ask for what you want. This is believed to carry through into career negotiations.

    The other problem is WHY more men are “doctors” (which by the way is no longer strictly true – in Australia the percentage of women studying medicine is higher than men and has been for a few years). It is more relevant to look at the head of companies, CFOs, CEOs, senior management. The contributing factors are simple, when women have children it affects her career path, when a man has children no one cares. If child care was evenly distributed and catered for and by this it means that an equal consideration for all employees, we would go a ways to shifting this.

    There are also moved to teach negotiation to women in university/college.

    ABS data (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

  22. It’s not even about who has a penis and who has a punini. Both men and chicks make more money than each other in different jobs because each is better at that job. Like if I needed a maid I know that a broad would put more effort into making sure everything was spotless so I would pay her $23,500 yearly. But I would only pay a man $21,000 for the same job. (I’m talking entry level.) But if I needed somebody to do a hard job, like painting my house, I would pay a man about $36,000 but I would only pay a bitch like $32,000. So you see if you have 2 maids and 2 painters the men are better off by $1,500 plus tips, which is about 9%. And if you apply that across all jobs you get what is fair but feminazis call it ‘sexism’.

  23. I don’t care if charity is bringing food to starving babies. You don’t brag about your intelligence and make an error in THE SAME SENTENCE

  24. Walter Sobchak, leaving aside the obvious implied sexism in your randomly-chosen ‘sample’ jobs, it is still clear to me that you are an idiot.
    Sure, women understand hygiene and are more civilised than males, and hence are more effective at keeping an environment healthy; but what about the gays? Fags can be clean. Also OCD knows no gender bias.
    And I know a chick who is 6’2″ and of Maori extraction. She is a painter and decorator. A fucking good one. Although she could be an awesomer cage-fighter.

  25. Oh yeah, MsAnneThrope, you’re right, there is a small percentage of female gargantuans, so I guess that proves chicks can paint as well as or better than men….

  26. @Walter:

    Paying someone to paint a house?!

    That’s what kids are for…

  27. 32 comments later and still no one has corrected the other part.

    male-dominated society*

    The society is not both male and dominated. The society is dominated by males. There’s a difference.

  28. All you LAME people in this thread…READ THIS….I have never heard of this site until I was notified that someone close to me was upset by the bs people were saying about them on here. So, here I am checking it out to see what it’s all about. I have to say, anyone that is posting on here or making a point to go on here and be entertained and amused by the human errors people write in there facebook status’ are the LAME PEOPLE!!! Look at you, your all just a bunch of LAME self-conscious, low self-esteem mama’s boys and daddy’s girls that need to fill that void in your life by the accidental mistakes of others on there personal facebook pages and have it exploited so you can feel better about yourselves. Awesome. What a life to live, glad you all now have something to look forward to when you wake up. That is, if you even sleep because your obviously so messed up in the head you most likely suffer from insomnia. Grow up, leave it alone, oh…and please be sure to pick this whole message apart to correct my grammer, punctuation, and spelling. You see, I’m to dumb to care to check for any of that but I’m glad I have all you lame fucks to check that for me.

  29. LameNetwork86…first of all:- tl;dr, have you not heard of paragraphs?
    And second, I’m assuming that you are telling us off for being disrespectful of retarded strangers and shit:- do you really think that anyone is going to ‘see the error of their ways’ and be a nicer person or whatever – just because someone threw a tantrum at them online?

  30. Lamenetwork86- See comments #26 and #33. Also, in trying to make this post disappear from our memories, you and “effyou” have achieved something closer to the opposite.

  31. If Charity has any semblance of intelligent thought, she would see the humor in her errors herself. I’m assuming that’s who you guys are hurt about. Cause if it’s Sara you are protecting, then just…stop.

  32. ^
    I’d say Sara needs protecting way more than Charity. Like maybe Wearing-A-Helmet kind of protection.

  33. I stand corrected.

  34. LameNetwork86-
    Dude, you can’t tell the people commenting to be respectful to the girl, if in the same rant you call them “LAME self-conscious, low self-esteem mama’s boys and daddy’s girls” and “so messed up in the head you most likely suffer from insomnia”. It’s a tad bit hypocritical if you ask me.

  35. How much exactly is the cost of phobic? I always wanted to have one.

  36. I’d like to know what “cost of phobic” was meant to say. Someone here may have clarified that, but the commentary quickly turned into a “men as bosses versus women as bosses”, so I didn’t have the energy to shuffle through them.

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