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  1. @MNic

    You said “I called it a suggestion because I wouldn’t want to damage your oh-so-frugal ego.”

    You mean fragile, not frugal, unless you are suggesting his ego is careful with its use of resources.

  2. oh my god… people, when someone is being an absolute douche, whatever that definition may be in your own mind, just flipping ignore it. lamebook is not for lame arguements. only the ones from facebook that are posted on here. maybe they should make a webpage out of the comments on lamebook.

    now, about this snapshot:
    the third advertisement is the best. hands down!

  3. @Continental Op -Yeah I know:) What I meant by that is that the ego has so little left that it is being very careful/frugal in order to save itself what dignity it has left:)

    @African Sugar -I know, isn’t it great!

    @Dukachevy -When you wrestle with a pig in a mud pit do you know what the difference is between you and the pig?… Exactly my motivation:)

  4. @ dukachevy, if you don’t like it you can always switch back to your other internet explorer window and continue viewing samoan buttsex.

  5. @Adamn -You’re retarded… funny, yes… but retarded nonetheless.

  6. dont judge me. samoan buttsex is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  7. @dukachevy -Haha! Nice:)

  8. @dukachevy You hold firm to your convictions sir, i salute you. Enjoy the sloshing undulations of various sweat and mayonnaise-smeared samoans with my blessing.

  9. Great submission! Spoiled by the comments.

  10. @antarctic Circle Your name is fitting as you are as big of a buzzkill as genital frostbite.

  11. @Antarctic Circle -(sniff sniff) Aw, come on… You don’t like that? Isn’t it glorious? “Introduce a little anarchy”

  12. Someone slap Antarctic Circle, @Mnic you just made me all tingly

  13. @Adamn -Adamn, play nice. I thought I taught you better than that:)

  14. @Mnic come off that bullshit matronly soapbox you love so much and admit that Antarctic Circle is an asshat!

  15. @Adamn -“That’s no way to talk to your mother!”

  16. @ Mnic, Rocket Man?

  17. @Adamn -Fo’ sho’!

  18. @Mnic Yahtzee!

  19. @Adamn -“Hey sanka, whatcha smokin’?”

  20. @Mnic I’m not smokin’ I’m freeeezing!

  21. @Adamn -Okay fine… You seem to be an okay guy… You’re still a douche bag though.

  22. @Adamn I won’t dispute either point

  23. @Adamn -deal

  24. Awesome post! I especially love the hairy woman! Hairy women are hot 😉


  26. These remind me of a FB advertisement I got that said “Inhale Jesus: get high on the gospel!” Trippy.

  27. Weird… the “scholarships for moms” dude is showing up in an ad on a Yahoo News article. He’s also the picture for a driver’s license about insurance regulation. Still just as creepy.

    BTW, #72 Adamn… why are you addressing comments to yourself?

  28. @Birdie: Good spot. Why is adamn addressing comments to himself?

    I just scrolled down to see lots of posts from mnic and adamn. I’ve not bothered reading the majority of them as the earlier ones indicated that they did not have anything interesting or funny to say. Birdie’s spot suggests that that they are the same person, talking to themselves. That is fucked up. He is obviously that-kid-at-school-who-got-bullied-mercilessly and had no friends, hence his need to invent friends on here. I bet if Lamebook checked the IP address they would be one and the same.

    I love this site – it is an amazing look at the extremes of human behaviour.

  29. @birdie & Mercure -That’s messed up. Adamn is a douche. I know there’s probably not much I can say to prove you otherwise but I will say this, having two accounts on Lamebook would be retarded, and arguing with one’s self is something that should be left to Jeff Dunham. As to why Adamn addressed the last comment to himself… who knows. All I know is that Adamn isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. He’s a funny guy, but most of the time he just doesn’t make sense.

  30. @MNic: What a coincidence. You’re about as funny as Jeff Dunham’s show.

  31. @Spoons: MNic is funny, just post #79 is not humorous. You leave Jeff Dunham out of this! He is talented and fucking hilarious which is more than anyone can say for you!

  32. This entire page is golden.

  33. @Spoons -The only way you could NOT like Jeff dunham is if you and your family is just like Bubba or whatever that redneck’s name is. That would explain why your name is Spoons at least. (No solid food for people without teeth)

    And #79 was not meant to be humorous… I don’t find someone comparing me to Adamn as humorous at all.

  34. *are

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