Monday, December 21, 2009

Gettin’ Crunk in the Crib


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  1. A lot of women can’t breastfeed for whatever reason. If I have children I won’t be able to because of the medication I take. So, yeah, it’s not cool to stand in judgement.

  2. @ chromeroze: Exactly. It wasn’t my best work but at least someone got me. And I agree I got into a argument about circumcision and half of them probably dont have kids. Its nice to have plans and ideals but it all goes out the window when the little one shows up. Sure we want to do all the best possible thing for our kids but time, patience and circumstances change things. As long as the baby has a full belly, a clean bum (etc) you’ve done right by them.

    And Stinkerbell75: I tried my hand at breastfeeding and I didnt bond with my daughter anymore then my son over it. Its all the same in the end. Boob or bottle.

  3. @Me No, it isn’t the same. Breastmilk cannot me synthesized and no formula, no matter how expensive or well-made can substitute for the compounds found in a healthy woman’s own milk. Especially for a child as young as the one in the photo in the OP, which will not be getting the amazing colostrum that it needs to compensate for the fact it has next to no immune system of its own at this point.

    Yeah, breastfeeding isn’t a magical, beautiful, wonderful experience most of the time; parenting in general isn’t. But before the advent of formula there was no alternative, so simply saying, “IT WASN’T WORKING FOR TWO DAYS” isn’t a valid excuse for anything but being a lazy git who wanted an easy way out.

    Also, for what it’s worth, two days attempt at breastfeeding isn’t really long enough to gauge how well it helped you bond with your ill-begotten spawn. You can talk when you tried it for a month or more, honey.

  4. be*

  5. Hey Rooster sauce let me start by saying go fuck yourself. Now that Ive got that out my system: My daughter was a healthy 9 pounds 10 oz at birth. After 2 days of breastfeeding her weight dropped severly. And we were getting on perfectly. When her weight dropped I had to supplement. The nurses had me feed her every two hours. She resisted the breast after taking the bottle. So I could continue to starve her to force breastfeeding or move on. And no it didnt help me bond more then my son. I loved her as soon as I saw her. I didnt feel the need to bond more. It was already done.

    You can talk shit about me thats fine but to call my children ill-begotten? Thats low. You are the worst kind of parent out there. The judgemental type that looks down the end of her nose at other parents bc they didnt do exactly as she did. You know what I didnt even want to breastfeed at all. I tried it only bc my daugher latched the first time we tried at all. And you know 9 months later and 7 years later you couldnt ask
    for healthier more clever children. And yes the baby is clever. Much more so then your judgemental ass. And I get that years ago I would have had no other option but also I might have died in child birth too. Oh noes! The baby would just starve then eh? Might as well toss it in the coffin with the mother. And yes breastfeeding is a choice. Same as formula feeding. I dont disagree that one is better then the other. I just dont care as long as the wee ones tummy is filled.

  6. Newborns are blobs. Cute and adorable, yes, but blobs nonetheless. Why do people have to be so judgmental without all the information? I had to stop breastfeeding my daughter when she was 6 days old and went to the ICU with an enlarged heart due to a rare heart condition. She had so many tubes and wires connected to her I couldn’t even pick her up. And whenever that middle finger of hers popped up I laughed my ass off. We were in agreement thinking “fuck everything”. Maybe something similar happened with this baby. Maybe not. Who the fuck knows and who the fuck has the right to say anything anyway? She’s feeding her baby and not leaving it in a ditch somewhere. That’s a good mom, taking care of her baby blob.

  7. Right on raen!

  8. Rooster Sauce: You are a moron! Some people cannot breastfeed due to health conditions, so that leaves feeding them with formula milk, which has alot of additional nutrients to assist in growth and development. Getting food in the baby’s tummy is just as (if not more) important as getting food into your stomach. “If you don’t eat, you don’t shit. If you don’t shit you die.”

    “You can talk when you tried it for a month or more, honey.”. Really a month or more? Something is far from right with you. Your fail has me lost for words.

    @Me and raen: LOL, keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks Insane.

  10. Jesus. How does all this self righteous bullshit have anything to do with a picture of a baby holding up a middle finger?

  11. I made an account just to say; Me, raen, Insane and you others who are on this side, you guys rock.. especially you Me, you are the coolest parent ever!

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