Friday, April 1, 2011

Double Trouble!

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  1. Thats what happens when you are nasty!

  2. Sheeeeeit.

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    Once the multitude of issues here are addressed, can the state confiscate her uterus please?

  4. That unborn is soooo lucky.

  5. I doubt she went through with the pregnancy, she sounds like the type who sees abortion as birth control. Hopefully when/if they did it they messed up her uterus so she can’t get pregnant again.

  6. Idk about u guys but she sounds hot

  7. Little harsh Hellababe, she’s not the even close to being smart….But I could say the same about people who are against abortion, I mean we could eliminate abortion altogether if “They” would stop reproducing!

  8. How do you get pregnant by accident? I don’t get all these women that accidentally got pregnant! Take cover.

    *knock on wood*

  9. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @saffer – Well there are broken condoms, or condoms taken off without telling the girl (think doggy style, and yes I’ve actually known it to happen to someone), or birth control pills not taken right. Lots of ways. But for the most part, yeah, it’s dumb girls who have tons of unprotected sex and then go, “Why am I pregnant?!?”

  10. I got preggo on the nuvaring. was the best thing that has ever happened to me 🙂

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    I was actually hoping for an “April Fools!” thing.

    You got pregnant with the nuvaring? really?

  12. MsBuzzkillington

    To add…Saffer, my cousin had her TUBES TIED and she still got pregnant.

  13. Yeah, I really did! Luckily I was in a point in life where we were considering having a baby anyways. Apparently if you have a vasectomy you have to masturbate like 50 times after before you can have unprotected sex again. Just puttin’ out there.

  14. Who ARE these ppl that announce this crap on FB?

  15. I’d fap

  16. If it weren’t for accidental pregnancies, most of us wouldn’t be here. When I say “us” I really mean “you” and that’s why I believe strongly in both birth control and abortion.

  17. I feel REALLY, really sorry for the guy that got her pregnant.

    (Unless he was the one who had all of that, then pretended to wear a condom. Then I hate them both.)

  18. Wow. What a classy lady.

  19. @17, what do you mean “all of that”? She has chlamydia and pregnancy, and I’m fairly sure her partner did not have both of those.

  20. Jennifer’s Chlamydia: Treatable. Jennifer’s unplanned pregnancy: Treatable. Jennifer’s imbecility: Incurable.

  21. My fiancé got pregnant, and we don’t even have sex. Anything’s possible.

  22. BritishHobo, you might not, but I’ll guarantee she does.

  23. @22
    Wow, you must be really smart.

  24. @idontknow Never has a username been so apt.

    re: Tiffany, I would, of course it would be only anal, oral and bestiality.

  25. Bloody hell, that’s terrible. She’s only just given away all her baby clothes. Typical.

  26. @Curly, don’t worry I am sure those where out of fashion for a while already.

  27. @Wordperfect in cases like this one might consider not treating the Chlamydia. Kind of hitting 2 birds with one stone…

  28. @idontknow, I’m assuming she has more STDs (or at least hoping).

  29. Why is nobody answering the poor girls fucking question, you set of heartless, jaded shitbags!?

    Pregnancy is obviously worse that a touch of the Sewer Slash or Gash Grot Jessica….Think about it. You can take pills and drugs for the Pussy Plague and get right back onto the fucking… have a kid though and and you have to wait at least two years before their fuckable.

  30. @lmamofo your jus a lil wrong about how long you have to wait after sex. In fact you can have sex while your pregnant an if your far enough along it can actually cause you to go into labor (I can’t think of how to spell the other word for it). As for how long you have to wait that can be as little as a month, not at least 2years. But if you were talking about the baby then I hope you wait a whole lot longer than 2 years before you classify them as “fuckable”

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Welcome to Lamebook tumbleweed.

  32. Thanks 🙂

  33. yep tumbleweed, he was talking about the baby I guess the intro’s already been done 🙂

  34. @ britishhobo- you are an idiot.

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