Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too Weak


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  1. first

  2. love after two weeks??

  3. how did he get hit in the head with his gun?

  4. Having to explain the names of your immediate family and not including your love in the laser tag shenanigans…something is fishy about this relationship, I just can’t put my finger on it.

  5. Yay, the two week anniversary! Massive milestone right there.

  6. Love ftw

  7. awwww emo wubb!

    Me thinks Sammi may be a serial stalker in the making.

  8. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    ah childhood romances are so sweet

  9. 2 weeks? Why aren’t they married yet?

  10. 2 weeks and they love each other? Wow…I smell breakup in their immediate future.

  11. 2 weeks is a long time when you’re 11

  12. She loves him, but not enough to attend his laser tag birthday party.

  13. i dont know you guys i think they are really in love you dont know them they could be 25 i really think they are in love lazer tag is awesome i played it at my 10th birthday party


  14. These two are obviously children. Stupid.. but, children.


  16. Btw, I love the typo in ‘daiting’, so brill.

  17. well she types pretty well for a 12 year old, love isnt ‘luv’ and there are no sticky caps… and she capitalized her I’s!!! i’m impressed, i dont even do that :p

  18. Snow days and reflections on 14 day old love go hand in hand.

  19. Their love ages like a fine wine

  20. Ahhh, that’s so sweet 🙂

    At least neither of them referred to this milestone as their ‘2-week anniversary’..

  21. This isn’t lame, they’re just young. I was the same way in 7th grade. Unless they’re actually in their mid-twenties or so.

  22. @Anitalaff
    – and makes me hurl like a not so fine wine!

  23. Just too bad neither of them are old enough to drink said wine.

    Though, like Chip, I was likely as retarted in 7th grade too…I’m just thankful we didn’t have the wonderful interwebs to make such idiocy available to everyone.

  24. Vince from purchasing

    My first thought was “Jesus, she can’t even spell his name right. ‘Kolin’. Ha!” Then I read on, and realized that his parents were at fault. Get it right, people. It’s Colon.

  25. My initials are Coc

    Uh oh. Now I’m worried about my relationship. It’s been two moths and we haven’t said the ‘L’ word.
    Should I just give up now??

  26. My initials are Coc

    Whoops. *months

  27. now…it’s probably just me, but the use of the word siblings makes this stink the most. Trying too hard to impress by using adult words I think. He could have impressed me by using punctuation.

    Anyway, congrats on the anniversary; may the coming week be as nauseating and sex-less as the past two.

  28. @zaliwadni he probably used the word “siblings” because he has siblings of both genders and so it’s easier than saying “brothers and sisters”.

    Besides, the word siblings really isn’t that much of an “adult” word.

  29. @zalidwani my daughter uses the word “sibling” and she’s 7. Do you consider any word beyond two syllables to be an “adult word”?

  30. I miss zombie kid.

  31. @ Imisszombiekid – i dont

  32. Kolin’s brother is a massive uncoordinated bell end.

    What sort of tool shoots themselves in the head at Laser Tag?

    The type who fucking drools into their breakfast and habitually masterbates that’s who.

  33. @ Vince from purchasing (#24) … brilliant!

    Maybe I’m having humour/lameness failure but I can’t really see Sammi & Kolin being much different from any other smitten young couple who just started dating. We’ve all been there, being in love at an age when 2 weeks were still a noticeable portion of our lives. And when we still didn’t understand what “I love you” really means, but we said it all the same.

    And to carry on with “Still Just Me”‘s thought (#23), I should be grateful that computers were still as big as a room the first time I fell in love… (not really, but it may well have been for all the use computers had for teens not so long ago.)

  34. Why would anyone want to moderate my comment on missing someone?

  35. @Imiss: Perhaps because it is inane, irrelevant, dull, repetitive and tedious (and also because you have a link in your name). You used to make funny comments – why waste your time with your current posts?

  36. @Sensible Madness & teiso No, of course not. What I was getting at is the lack of punctuation and mix of formal and informal speech makes that word seem forced, like he was trying to be overly proper and judicious despite the nature of the forum.

  37. @Imisszombiekid
    He’s back so you can stop.

  38. Puppy love is adorable when the person is a young’un. I have a f.b friend that is 30 something. He’s “been in love” 4 times in 5 months. He bitches and moans about being single and then when he meets someone a few days later he wonders if she is the one. He’s a witty, smart man but god help me if I wasnt so poor I would fly out to where he is and kick his ass. But yea for puppy love. Down with older desperate “dog” love. Cause you know thats the kind of dog where its back legs dont work and it drags them uselessly behind him and its owner wont put it down bc he’s been around for the past 30 years. And it holds special memories. Though its sad bc it lays in its own piss and filth 90% of the time. And if it had thumbs and access to a gun it would shot itself in the head.

  39. RingingInMyHead likes Me’s comment.

  40. i thought minors weren’s supposed to get fb accounts.. 2 weeks? gimme a break!

  41. Maybe Imisszombiekid is upset because Zombiekid missed their 2 week anniversary? Thus resulting in Zombiekid’s absence from lamebook of late, until now that is.

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