Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Drive Me Crazy

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  1. Texting and driving is awesome, it kills the stupid people.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    Why did the second one get posted?

  3. richard FTW!

    @dawn, because it was posted from his phone the assumption is Tiffany updated her status while driving

  4. *her

  5. Yeah, DotD, I don’t get that.

    ‘Some people died in a horiffic car accident, please be careful when driving.’


  6. 5rd!

  7. damn I was 6nd not 5rd

  8. I’m appalled by Richard’s behaviour, and his blatant inconsideration for others.

    I mean, really and truly, he’s texting during a BJ? How rude.

  9. Just because somebody is texting from their phone doesn’t mean they are driving at the same time.

  10. OMG Kristin I can’t believe you were in an accident either! That is like, so totally unexpected!

  11. omg.

  12. Tiffany’s isn’t really all that funny…and there is not evidence that she was driving while texting that.

    Kristen had it coming.

    Richard needs to get his priorities straight….

  13. I suppose that we are expected to believe that #2 sent the update while driving, however, she could have simply been a passenger in the car that was stuck in traffic or she could have written her update when she reached home…

    not lame.

  14. Whoever decided Tiffany’s status should be put on Lamebook is an idiot. I’m posting from my phone right now but that doesn’t mean I’m driving a car.

  15. I’m trying to figure out if Richard is a great multitasker, or if the head wasn’t that good.

  16. ah the 401, one of the most accident prone highways in Ontario. This broad is exactly why there’s so many accidents.

  17. I hope that Kristin’s car will take a lot of time to fix

  18. morninghasbroken

    Not funny. Just sad. 🙁

  19. ee, I’m thinking a bit of both. Clearly, she blows at head. Dick, unlike many men, appears to be able to do more than at once. He might actually be someone worth knowing.

    I don’t advocate texting and driving, but come on, a lot of people are getting a bit too high and mighty about these posts. Most people have done it. Don’t lie.

  20. For those saying that just because Tiffany texted from her iphone doesn’t mean she was driving: it is more likely than not that she was driving because

    a) she said she JUST got out from being stuck in traffic, implying that she is now driving at a normal speed rather than stop and go from the traffic backup, not that she has arrived at her destination

    b) when someone talks about being stuck in traffic, they are usually the driver

    I guess you can argue that it’s not that unlikely that she was a passenger, but you can’t say people are unreasonable for assuming she was driving, considering the subject matter of her post.

  21. *more than one thing at once. You know what I mean, ee.

  22. I got ya word. I wonder what hidden talents our little Dicky has under his belt, so to speak.

  23. ee, I’m more interested in his hands.

  24. What do you think his wpm is on that tiny keypad? If it’s up there, he’s got a talent. Maybe he could push our buttons? Ya think?

  25. MsBuzzkillington

    I have seen an accident before where their belongings were scattered all over the road. I saw one where all their groceries were scattered all over the road. It’s kind of haunting.

    The only thing is… I have passed by accidents before that involved a death. But it was on the off ramp, far away from the scene because they closed down the highway. I haven’t ever heard of an accident involving a death where they didn’t close down the entire road or redirect traffic. Is it different in other places?

  26. ummm, how is wat tiffany said at all funny, or lame. just kinda sad is all

  27. We should set this up, ee.

    Hey Dick!, ee and word would like to sample your dexterity. Text us.

  28. Chinchillazilla

    I hate all these people with the possible exception of Tiffany. If she posted this while driving, I hate her too.

  29. Give me Kristen’s last name please. I regularly go on the 401.

  30. I tend to floor the gas pedal getting road head, I have to work on that… according to the cops anyway.

  31. I agree with darkshadow. Plus I think it’s much more likely that Tiffany arrived at her destination AND THEN updated her status.

  32. Jet …you pee on the 401? Risky.

    Just being an ass , sorry.

  33. @ Word – I am totally willing to try this experiment with you and ee. I don’t text while driving, but there are so many more things that require batteries.

  34. @ jetouellet The cops will check her cell and see if she was texting when driving. A friend of mine had his checked. They told him that if he was texting at the time he would have been given some fine.

  35. “b) when someone talks about being stuck in traffic, they are usually the driver”

    Not in my experience. It’s pretty much a toss up, and I’ve updated my status about being stuck in traffic on my way to LAX many times when I wasn’t the driver.

    Tiffany’s really sounds to me like she either wasn’t driving or she’s home now, and I think it sucks that it was included in this post.

  36. wordpervert, I can honestly say I’ve never texted while driving. Personally, I don’t even answer my phone. And that’s not because I’m worried about my own driving, I’m worried about everyone else’s because clearly people are still stupid enough to do it.

  37. Calenthedestroyer

    The second one- why the hell is it there? It’s just sad.

  38. It’s there because she sent it on her iPhone, and she “just got out from being stuck in traffic.” Odds are really good that she was playing with her iPhone while driving, after seeing a horrible accident. She’s failing.

  39. #1: Txting during a BJ in inconsiderate
    #2: Not lame
    #3: Bitch had it coming

  40. the second one is there because she is emploring all of us to drive safely on thee road…she is typing her status update while driving made apparent by the little phone symbol after her update. thus making her totally lame

  41. Who says she’s typing while driving? Now if there’s proof of that, great. But the status alone makes nothing obvious or even puts odds one way or the other.

  42. Wildcat, how fast do you text, while not driving? This is very important, so think about it. word and myself don’t like to be toyed with!

  43. Hmm. The third one seems like a repost.

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