Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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  1. when in doubt…resort to a cannibalism joke….douche.

  2. oh…and John has the making of the most perfect evening.

  3. *Jon, rather.

  4. Hell yeah John, that’s what I’m talking about. I think I have to have a chat with Mr. ee about this!

    Wonderbread, great minds…great minds!

  5. Sean is correct.
    Expecally when spread on toast.

  6. Especally* Exuse me.

  7. Order a pizza to go with it!

  8. Charlene gave me a headache.

  9. Some thing would tell me both pizza and toast would taste the same once you spread a child on them.

  10. Actually, I meant order the Pizza to go with ee’s evening.

  11. Oh silly me. I do appologise.
    I was ust too excited by the thought.

  12. That is a little scary wondering if Luke DID use the force. He could be doing the five-knuckle shuffle to you and you would never know.

    That would explain why Obi Wan always said, “The force is strong with this one!”

  13. Obi wan never says that….star wars fail.

  14. i miss boz..

  15. *insert witty inciteful comment…. also something about necrophilia*

  16. wow *insightful ….really don’t know what happened there

  17. Telling trekkies that luke skywalker didnt masturbate is like telling a bible basher that jesus was Gay, it undermines the basis of their whole faith!!!

  18. Hahahaha@13

  19. Jon is a man of wisdom, make your move during the hammerheads.

  20. @1. I agree, that’s always lame. I gotta say Lamebook, I didn’t enjoy these. How dare you disappoint me!!

  21. Charlene made my eyes hurt….

  22. I hate people who try to sound clever, like Sam.

    There’s vowels all over the fucking place.

  23. My bad… It has been about ten years since I have seen the movie. 🙂

  24. @defective, i think u might have been thinking about American Pie 2, stiffler says “the force is strong with this one” about nova (can’t remember his name)

  25. It was Darth Vader that used the phrase “The Force is strong with this one”, in A New Hope.

  26. Paranoid Android

    Can someone translate the Charlene status for me? I did try but all I got was ‘hair’ and ‘hopefully’ before my eyes fucked up.

    Anything Star Wars = Fail

  27. Charlene: got off at 7. walking to the bus stop. ugh long ass walk. wanted my hair done. Just too tired. Hopefully I will get thing I wanted.

    Another shining example of fucktards who are too stupid to type a complete sentence. She threw some random punctuation in, but it still doesn’t excuse anything.

    People that type like that on Facebook, or ANYWHERE need to be sat in a room with Fargis for a minimum of 72 hours. Just so their ears bleed.

  28. I used to kind of understand text speak and its retarded brother web speak because it was just the shortening of words to make it quicker and easier to type. But that’s all out the window now.
    How the hell is ‘ii’ shorter or easier to type than ‘I’?

  29. Paranoid Android

    @27 Thanks, still makes no sense though:- “Hopefully I will get thing I wanted”, hopefully this thing will be sulphuric acid fed through an IV drip.

  30. @ spencem8z that would be really clever if it wasn’t fo r the fact that luke skywalker has nothing to do with star trek or trekkies -FAIL.

  31. Okay, we don’t get Shark Week over here. What the HELL am I missing?

  32. Not heard of it either… Is it like a show about shark attacks or some thing?

  33. A week of televised programming devoted to the beauty that is the Shark.

    The end.

    Also, it refers to that time of the month when your significant other is raggin’ it.

  34. There’s blood in the water.

  35. I’m amazed, there is a new batch of slightly retarded regulars on here, and I am not impressed. Poor lamebook, you have failed me.

  36. show to make you terrified to go in the water.

  37. Shark Week is pretty much sharks, 24/7. At first it’s neat, on account of it’s sharks and who doesn’t love sharks, but after the second day of non-stop sharks you start to get tired of sharks. One guy even attempted to freaking hypnotize a shark.

  38. We sometimes get Big Cat Week, but I don’t know when that is. I can’t find it in my calendar.

  39. They have Big Cat Week here, too, but they call it Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

    I don’t care if I spelled their name wrong.

  40. So, a mouse got into the bedroom, but there’s no way it could make it through to the impenetrable fortress that is the living room?
    And, Jon, if you want Shark Week + sex, just go out and do it on the couch. There really is no rule saying sex can only occur where you’re sleeping for the night.
    I hope they use protection, their combined dimwittedness would probably not exactly create a future member of MENSA.

  41. Sam ftw. I am 99 percent sure that “Grant” is actually my little brother. That question is his train of thought to a tee!

  42. @Ziji, I agree!

    Sam ftl. Clearly the problem with Charlene isn’t her absence of vowels, it’s her butchering of the “English” language.

  43. Well, Luke most likely did… he has force choke and all.

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