Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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  1. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

  2. what a magnificent setup

  3. Walter, I always knew you were a talking breakfast.

  4. I wonder what game that is…

  5. I want the last photo to be my reality. Although…maybe a computer to the right of that with porn as well. Hell, if I’m living the dream I want some type of beer dispenser. And pizza. Yeah.

  6. This looks like a public restroom, that brings in a whole new series of problems.

  7. I think it’s a dorm restroom.

  8. That would make sense, but I would like to believe it is some homeless guy’s set up in a park restroom. Also, is that a toilet scrubber or a giant slurpy?

  9. If this is the way homeless people live now, I’m in. Housing’s overrated anyway…

  10. holy shite… thats a fooking Nintendo! win!

  11. People always moan about cancer but don’t forget the fuckers get to have a free ‘hard man’ skinhead haircut and cool evil robot voice if their lucky.

  12. Being homeless is better than being on welfare any day of the week. The guy at the end of my street makes bank.

  13. Plus people already assume they’re either alcoholics or drug addicts so they can do what the fuck they like, no one will think less of them.

  14. why is the floor mat duct taped to the ground?

  15. A homeless person would just sell the Super Nintendo for drugs or alcohol.

  16. @Milo lol @ you thinking it’s a Super Nintendo

  17. Wait…..how did we move on to homeless people without taking note of how much of a fucking awesome idea it is to have a games console in the toilet?? If I was in that toilet right now, I would probably have to have a wank over the screen.

  18. Michael’s response in the first post made me literally LOL.

  19. Toilet Nintendo is awesome, but around ’89, they invented this thing called a Game Boy that you can bring with you. I mean, if you’re in a multi-stall bathroom, you can link up and play Tetris against a friend!

  20. @#16 – Damn, it’s just the Nintendo, isn’t it? Is being born in ’88 an excuse for my ignorance (on this matter, anyway)?

  21. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I once dropped my laptop and broke the screen because I was watching a movie on the toilet. I wish I’d thought of putting some sort of more permanent infrastructure in the bathroom; that would have prevented that from happening.

  22. The problem is this is most NES games you can’t savegame…so you either need to put up a list of all the level codes on the wall next to it, or have it on and paused 24/7…

  23. monkeymonkeyunderpants

    I’m reasonably sure that’s a toilet scrubber (possibly with the university logo on it, which would be totally epic in my mind). I’m also very impressed that what is obviously a guy’s dorm room (NES, duct taped rug, cardboard box as a tv stand) has such a CLEAN bathroom. ;o) Seriously, though, NES in bathroom = pure win. In fact, I’d do it, but my husband would never stop laughing…

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