Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. Last one = teabagger. Christian and stupid.

  2. Chucho = Teabagger also

  3. Bring_back_fingering

    Stever = Slowver

  4. The spunktarget in the first photo is fucking horribly disfigured… look at that rancid fucking brown blemish, she’s like a bastard leper.

  5. Bring_back_fingering

    I’d hit that

  6. Is that pasta salad in a sandwich? WTF is going on here?

  7. Maybe she has a speech impediment and has a tough time saying her R’s. Kind of like a little kid says he is thirsty, but it comes out “I’m thoisty.”

  8. I think I’d quite enjoy pasta salad in a sandwich. I was wondering what to have for dinner, cheers Walter, problem solved.

  9. Come on now, everybody knows a potato salad sandwich beats a pasta salad sandwich any night of the week!

  10. Shit, I might go crazy and combine the two…

  11. Don’t forget the cheese.

  12. Oh baby, this just gets better and better.

  13. why dus every Steeeever from creek r a bitch

  14. What’s going to be stolen? The sign?

  15. The first person should really get that mole looked at.

  16. Diagnosis brought to you by the professionals of Lamebook.

    (But yeah, seriously, she should. Irregular shape, large in size, possibly different colors, all of these are earmarks of a malanoma.)

  17. For some reason I’m wondering whether the girl in the pic is a prostitute. I’m gunna go ahead and say yes to appease my imagination.

  18. in all his divinely wonder, God couldn’t make them spell…

  19. Didn’t help much with your grasp of the language either it seems… though “divinely” is close I suppose…

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