Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Makin’ Trouble

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  1. that’s fucked up….first!

  2. Sierra does indeed sound like a slut…

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    We are sharing our planet (and our non-renewable resources) with these people.

  4. Dukey you’re far nicer than I am if you’re calling them “people”.

  5. They don’t really count as people, do they? Damn…

  6. I don’t know, but I am curious which one is the father.

  7. Next up on Maury?

  8. I wonder if she filled the condoms with water before or after…

  9. Maury of Facebook. No need to pay for cable.

  10. I bet Li is good at math, though.

  11. No way she must be black

  12. Her command of the English language is too good to be anything but asian. While she may not want to be monogamous, she can spell it.

  13. That is not racist at all.

  14. ptp: Yeah ’cause you know we white Americans suck at our own mother tongue.
    Oh wait… ah never mind.

  15. Let’s just agree that she’s ‘trash.’ Asian trash, black trash,, white trash… she’s trash (note that I used alphabetic ordering to avoid accusations of racism… the fact that white came in last was purely coincidental).

  16. anyone who needs to take preventative steps against being accused of racism is almost certainly a racist.

  17. I like pickles, I don’t know what she’s complaining about.

  18. See, it’s for this very reason that I always take great care to explode my spunk bomb up a birds arsehole instead of her trench.

    I presume by her use of the word ‘Naw’ that she is half Aborigine on her mothers side whilst her Father must descend from a mixed Inuit and Malaysian heritage.

  19. Vasectomy.

  20. The correct spelling and grammar in the first half does make it look much less trashy.

  21. I’ll bet they are both christians.

  22. um….fake.

  23. I thought the same thing, Elizabeth…

  24. Wait, is a normal penis not the size of a dill pickle?!?!

  25. Depends on the pickle.

  26. Elizabeth is a slut….

  27. Good, for a second there I thought 3 inches was small. LOL!

  28. I now want a t-shirt with a dill pickle….with balls. Damn I’m witty.

  29. TheEnglishGentleman

    I call fake, or at the very least; manipulated.

    Look at the timeline of comments. One of Li’s comments supposedly takes place after Sierra responds.

  30. Good call, TheEnglishGentleman.

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