Thursday, August 25, 2011

Updated Dopes

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  1. How is the first one lame? Self promotion, LB?

  2. Right she misspelled a word, she is probably 14 anyways

  3. The second one is bothering me… Orange juice is mostly water. I don’t think any liquids we drink aren’t mostly water….

  4. Bring_back_fingering

    Most fluids we drink are mainly water, including Orange Juice, Beer, Coffee and Clunge Juice.

    There are examples of things we could drink that aren’t more than 50% water, including overproof liquor and oil (yum).

    Theoretically, you don’t need to drink anything however, as you can take fluids intravenously or even intrarectally for super fun times.

    When your mum gave me head behind the bikesheds she did swallow a lot of protein though.

    Happy holidays!

  5. She could drink liquid nitrogen. No water in that.

  6. Bring_back_fingering

    According to Wikipedia, the average ejaculate contains 0.7 kcal of energy. To provide your mum’s RDA of approx 2,000 kcals would require just shy of 3,000 ‘servings’. This would be quite a lot of juice – at around 3 mls a squirt perhaps 10 litres – and being mainly water would keep her well hydrated. Conversely, she might be bored, as if it were to take 20 seconds a pop, ‘deliveries’ would take some 16 hours a day. I suggest you buy her a funnel for next mother’s day – she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness xx

  7. @CHUCHO nice one!

    @BBF looks like we have our work cut out for us. Challenge: Accepted.

  8. Maybe 3000 regular servings….. or just 3 from

  9. Clunge juice?! As in fanny juice?

  10. Oh my bad you did mean that I didn’t read past clunge.

  11. You can live off of any edible liquid (juice, milk, soda, coffee, etc. Even alcohol I think, though your liver would be fucked) and never drink any just-water your entire life. You won’t be very healthy, but yeah you’ll survive.

  12. Not alcohol. alcohon makes you dehidrated.

  13. *alcohol

  14. urgetokillrising

    is lif a person?

  15. Edible liquid ?

  16. You could survive on just about any liquid that’s not caffeinated and doesn’t contain alcohol. Orange juice has plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

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