Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bona fide Roll Model


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  1. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    swiss roll

  2. Her physique looks kind of chubsy. Maybe she meant jellyroll model.

  3. I can already tell she’s a terrible ‘roll’ model for her kids….Bird on a wire is an awful film!

  4. Adonis.. you’re a fucking genius. Ive been coughing up a lung all night laughing at your posts.

  5. er, anonisgay

  6. I know parents who can’t read because they don’t have enough time in the day to read. I know parents who can’t read in English because they came over from another country and can still read pretty much only in their native language. I know parents who can’t read because their books are in storage while they’re saving up money to transfer from an apartment to a house. This is certainly the first time I’ve ever encountered a parent who can’t read because she simply can’t be arsed. I weep for her poor, unfortunate children.

  7. So she’s interested in “as much sex as I can get”, but she can’t spell, doesn’t read… yes, what a LOVELY ROLE MODEL for her children…

  8. @ Amanda

    Besides some bad punctuation and terrible sentence structure, I see no misspelled words. Oh wait…”roll” should be “role”, but that still doesn’t prove she’s a bad speller. A bad mother maybe, but not speller. lol Just sayin’…

  9. I have to agree with cat that Liking sex does not make you a bad role model. What makes her a bad role model is that she states it for all to see on a site that has children on it.

    Could you imagine her kids logging on and going on her profile? That would scare me for life…. Old people sex *shivers* ><

  10. To be fair she didn’t say sex with multiple partners so who cares?
    having a healthy sex life is fine and people shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

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