Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holy Crap

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  1. wtf is a poke man?

  2. Silly religion

  3. hahaha, First.. oh I Love Holy rollers and bible thumpers.. They’ll be the first to get eaten in the zombie apocolypse. I’m sure that cross necklace isn’t going to save you from a zombie munchin brain buffet. And Thoman FTW with “history” hahaha.

  4. damn moderators.. not first 🙁

  5. Chase’s comment was rather funny.

    Religion is pure delusion and the denial of progressive thought, namely science. I get so frustrated by seemingly intelligent people continuing to be part of religious orders. It comes down to ignorance and insecurity.

  6. Thank you wordpervert for your smug statement of the obvious.

  7. I love the way he thinks that Jesus would only be interested in what is happening in America, and the rest of the world can shove it

  8. More’s the reason I adore you so, wordy!

  9. Miss Shegas, my old friend, sadly you have been duped. I’ll admit that FakeWordy is getting better at the impersonation, but she’s still just Rich Little at heart.

  10. If you dont believe in a higher power and that the whole universe just magically appeared , good for you, but why do you have to ridicule people that have different beliefs to yourself. The ignorance and arrogance of some people!

  11. @sababe, how do you react to an adult saying they believe in wood fairies, nymphs, and mother earth being a real person?

  12. I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster

  13. @sababe I like how you say if we believe “that the whole universe just magically appeared” as if that isn’t exactly what religion is.

  14. Comparing GOD to childrens fairytales, seriously?Look here, I am not here to change anyones mindsets. I have probably just experienced things that some people have not. I am not judging anyones believes. I am judging the need to mock people who differs in opinion.

  15. Like what…. have you been touched by Jesus?

  16. *beliefs

  17. @buckle… I know that is probably sarcasm, and I do not mind really. GOD has in fact proven his existance to me, and no I am not going to get into it, because I dont need to prove anything to anyone. Once again, I am not trying to convince you of his existance.

  18. Soupy! Ay, it warms the cockles of my heart and other tingly places to see your delicious moniker pop up!

    What’s this about fake wordy? I’ve been gone for some time, so I’m not in the cool kid club of know.

  19. Oh my, Sababe…. you’re the only person on earth with proof of God’s existence, and you’re keeping it to yourself? That’s a bit selfish, don’t you think? On the other hand, I’ve had a cure for cancer in my freezer for years now, and I’m not sharing. So I really shouldn’t judge.

    On a slightly more serious note: if you don’t approve of mockery based on other people’s beliefs … then what the fuck brings you to lamebook? Are you saying that’s it’s okay to mock other people for believing that Europe is a country, or that Frodo is straight, or that Twilight is literature, or that McDonald’s doesn’t make you fat, or that guns make a country safer ….. but when it comes to religion, all of a sudden we should respectfully bow our heads and be quiet. Why is it that religious zealots think they have the right not to be mocked?

  20. Well done, buckle_up. Well done

  21. It was an easy spot for Souperman on the fake. The big fella knows that I believe in fairy tales.

    Shegsy, I’m not sure, but I think this one has been around since the yoink days. He/she has made sporadic appearances, but has become a more regular fixture of late. I must say that while other fakes have been pretty awful, this one isn’t too bad. Anyway, as always, it’s awesome to see you.

  22. Amusing…no, i am not the only person who is sure of his existance and if you would allow your ignorant tiny mind to wander a little further, you would understand exactly what i was talking about. What you are trying to say is that mocking is fine?…bullying is acceptable? Typical signs of low self esteem. Another is prowling the internet in search of victims to attack , knowing you will never be able to have so much to say in a face to face confrontation. Then, if you had a doctorate in religious studies, if you read the bible from front to back , if you have been in church for every sunday of your life, i would take you more seriously, but go ahead, feel free to mock something you clearly have no understanding of….thats real smart of you.

  23. Doesn’t “your ignorant tiny mind” sound a wee bit mocking AND bullying?
    I’m pleased that you and your god have such a tight relationship, but why are Christians always trying to make it a Threesome?

  24. No , it is not mocking or bullying, it is an observation I made from the type of replies I was receiving, based on mocking something he clearly has no understanding of and the persistant need to belitte people who does share in his opinion, but whatever… to each one his own.

  25. *doesn’t

  26. I wasn’t really mocking religion as such, Sababe. I’m mocking you. You’re a fucking hypocrite, aren’t you? You come to Lamebook to laugh about other people’s weaknesses. But when somebody pokes fun at you or your pet projects, you throw a tantrum. Grow some skin.

  27. @ Sababe. It sound to me like you were doing the same thing to others as you say they were doing to you. You were judging people also and if you were truly as christian as you say then you shouldnt be doing any of those things. You are making christians look as bad as those people who are constantly saying we are going to hell. Why are you on this site in the first place. Like most people on here. To get a good laugh at other people expense, even though most of these people are fake. Save it for someone else because I am sick of people who laugh at others and then cry cyberbullying. I agree with buckle_up. P.s: Dont try to make yourself seem so holy.

  28. If you read the bible front to back you would know how controlling, narcissistic, and inconsistent it is

  29. … and if you read a text on Freud front to back you would know how ‘projecting’ works, and you might even apply it toward what you’ve said.

  30. … ditto, respectfully, to the #5 comment above as science and religion are in fact merging, on the point of ‘love’- for science, see; empathy, fMRI, mirror neurons, and Theory of Mind (ToM) – as a suggested starting point for religion see; Matthew 22:34-40.

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