Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Domestic Dilemmas

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  1. Gabe!

  2. YorkshirebornNBread

    chase liked his own comment? who sent it to LB..Chase?

  3. Chase, what you did wrong was be a jealous, dad-to-be-cheating mofo. That’s all though, that’s not too bad.

    Sarah’s post: I want to say something funny about how a priest is finally friend-requesting a female and not a little boy. But the wit isn’t coming to me right now. Sensible Madness? ee? Word? Anyone?!

    I don’t get the hilarity of Elena’s status.

  4. YorkshirebornNBread

    also, Ted FTW.

  5. YorkshirebornNBread


  6. What does Ted have against fingerbanging on a roller coaster?

  7. I can only imagine how hard it is for a priest to make friends on Facebook. Nobody wants to be the subject of his Sermon on Sunday.

  8. I don’t get what’s funny about Elena’s. Plenty of parent’s find plenty of stashes.

  9. 1) Chase and Courtney will be back togther in 2 hours….wanna bet?

    2) Priests adding on facebook can go sooo wrong…. YOU BE DRINKING?!?!?! YOU SIN!!!!!! Ya…so won’t go well…

    3) By stash I’m assuming she means weed or some other illegal drugs….which is semi amusing…but I mostly feel bad for the stoner….

    4)Who is Mark Walberg? Far too lazy to look it up…..

  10. booooo it cut out the -banishes to hell- part….evil lamebook….LAMEBOOK YOU SIN -banishes too-

  11. DAMN POP-UPS!!!!!

    The Priest friend request would be even more awkward if she was a guy. You know how those man of cloth can be.

    Umm, Steph thinking her BF looks like the Mark Walberg’s character from Fear is super creepy. Anyway, the only thing that made that movie good was Alyssa Milano half naked.

  12. George, I’m with you on this one. Chase, go fuck yourself. That’s just stupid, but it sounds like you two had a messed up relationship to begin with and it’s difficult to judge otherwise without… Screw it, I love to judge people on here (and make absurd assumptions) and Courtney just gives me the feeling she could be an insecure individual who can’t hold her liquor. I’m in a bad mood.

    Ted, that suggestion sounds like a lot of fun! Minus the family slaying part. Rollercoaster anybody?

  13. Ee, I feel for you in regard to those cursed pop-ups. Just think of a more enjoyable pop-up instead… and dig into that wine cabinet of yours!

  14. No worries nuff, my mind has ventured to other things, your suggested pop-ups cured me. Sorry you’re in a bad mood, not like you, cheer up! As for my wine, I’ve been pouring that bottle for 3 hours. All’s good for ee.

  15. I just laughed so hard at the priest thing.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you, was SO great, he could never abandon you!- “Seek me and you will find me, when you seek me with all your heart”

  16. Die in a fire elixabeth

  17. Agreed, BigGunn. The irony of her post + signature is nicely subtle.

  18. I’ve always wanted to go to confession, so I could divulge my deepest secrets to a priest and watch him blush. Is that wrong? “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

  19. maskedman, I say, better to be the subject of his sermon, than the subject of his semen.

    I’ll take a ride with “Boogie Nights” Mark Wahlberg. I know what he was packing in the movie wasn’t for real, but I can dream.

    elixabeth, your signature is getting longer.

  20. I second that word! Man, I never looked forward to the end of a movie so much. Yum!

  21. Eenerbl, while I, too, have thought of seeking out the advise of a priest, you really can’t see them blushing. Just sayin’.

    Also, to #2 Yorkshire, he did indeed like his own comment (unless he knows someone else named Chase, which is possible) but he didn’t send it in. If he did, it would have said, ‘You like this’ not ‘Chase likes this’.

  22. Flamboyant stereotype

    I thought Elena’s mom found her porn stash.

  23. i love malteaser too

    #22: My thoughts exactly on reading it the first time. Reminded me of “Lesbian spank inferno”. haha

  24. Elixabeth, when Jesus died didn’t he just go back to heaven with his dad and the holy spirit or something, for like all rest of eternity? So did God really sacrifice THAT much? Wasn’t he more like just pimping out his son for a short while? Not really a big deal. Am I wrong?

  25. What’s with Chase and the Random capitalization of Words? How do you go About picking Which words to capitalize? Are there Rules? Like, two or Three a sentence? And what’s With the word “Wat”? That Sucks!

  26. Ted made me laugh. And yeah, Marky Mark in Boogy Nights was the best, “You don’t even KNOW what special thing I have, you don’t even KNOW!” Although, is anything funnier than “Mark Whalberg Talks to Animals?”

  27. Walter, you are fantasmical. elixabeth, I hate you. BigGunn, I couldn’t agree more.

  28. Folk er idioter

    wordpervert: I loved your comment.

    Priests seeking female companionship rather than small boy companionship is, I guess, a step in the right direction.

  29. If you add the priest as a friend, do you get to call him ‘daddy’?

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