Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook or Die


Click Here to join!

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  1. !!!!!!!!!

  2. facebook gives you eternal life! it’s the new jesus

  3. Yes, the next thing we will see is if you get (x) amount of people x infinity to join, everybody will go to heaven…

  4. I am going to totally start my own group now. “If 2 Million women agree to give me a Blowjob then I shall receive immunity from death”. Come on people come and join!

  5. I don’t see how this is lame.

    It’s quite uninteresting and pointless, but lame is not the word to define it. It shouldn’t be here…

  6. @Insane, that’ll only work if people don’t want you dead. And if they knew it would work.

    You would have more chances of getting those 2 million Blowjobs if you said it would prevent Climate Change…

  7. haha as if 21million people would care about her/his grandma. beyond that i think it doesn’t work.

  8. @ 3 – Just curious here, I don’t keep up-to-date with bullshit, but isn’t that already done? The called Religion while it was ‘offline’ didn’t they?

    @ 4 – I agree to help that cause, may help science…

    And if my calculations are correct, if both things are then true, we combine the 2, we get blow jobs and go to heaven in one hit…. hmmmm…..

  9. @Makster: I was playing with the gimmick idea. I like your idea of a selfless cause. 2 Million blowjobs to save the planet from global warning? I love it!!!

  10. This tempts me to find every time I’ve seen someone on my friends list join a “we will not pay for facebook” group. The amount of idiots that believe half baked rumours is really astounding, and they all get so OTT about it too – “ZOMG im so leavin if they mk us pay 4 fb!!!!!1!!11! thts rly lyk not fair it shd b free cuz we need it. hw els is ne1 spose to no abt de stoopid sht we do”

    The more ironic thing is that at least half the people who joined those groups also joined my sarcastic anti-group which pointed out the absurdity of facebook charging when they get so much revenue from advertising and applications, and the stupidity of the fear-mongering groups…

  11. it’s obviously a joke, it even says so: “Just for Fun – Totally pointless”.

    which doesn’t really make it funny though.

  12. @8: We shall name this group a religion. In honour of Tom Cruise we shall name it “Scientology X”!

  13. @ 12 – Damn cults, already stolen the cool names. We have to think of something ‘original’ apparently 🙁

  14. @13 what about “Sexual-science Education Xtreme” acronym SEX!

  15. And if 21 million do not join, they promise to kill Grandma? What kind of a SICK group is this?!

  16. @ Secret_Squirrel… I know I know. I know the Heebie Jeebus freaks already got that one coined.

    🙁 This is lame lame. Not funny lame.

  17. I agree with Europe-Rocks ,this is obviously a joke.

  18. I believe this is what we call a “parody fail”.

  19. @Sensible Madness

  20. major fail

  21. lol i joined just for the hell of it.

  22. I think it’s hilarious. I’m joining.

  23. I wonder if there is a group that I can join if I DO want his grandmother to die. hmmm

  24. ^ i would join that group.

  25. i had to really think about how to spell schizophrenic after reading that retards post – scary.

  26. post fail.

  27. I totally just joined that group.

  28. @14
    I think we should call it the Beautiful Underlying Truth

    I predict that BUT sects will be be appearing all over the land.

  29. This group is hilarious. It’s obviously making fun of the stupid genre of “If XXXXXXX people joined this group, I’d make a really important & personal decision in my life.” I joined.

  30. If XXXXXX number of people will say they are douchebags, I will agree.

  31. @Insane

    wouldn’t that hurt after a while?

  32. @Big Wiggly Style: I don’t believe it would hurt, but I promise to make posts frequently on my wall 😛
    Oh and no biters please *whimpers*

  33. I hate not being here to follow a thread from the get go… Oh, my loyal lamebookers, how I have missed you – special mention goes to SeeBea, Insane, Kaoss & Psycho Ed.

    Here’s to good times today. 🙂

  34. ow can it stop er nana dieing

  35. We have missed your presence here on Lamebook as well Svetlana! It is good to have you back!!!

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