Friday, March 4, 2011

Not Getting the Job Done

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  1. Blowjob now or I’m not commenting on this lamebook entry

  2. Also Stever

  3. A schoolfriend of mine split up with his girlfriend and left the country because of an argument about how she never gave him blowjobs. True story.

  4. I barely even understand what’s going on here. It all makes sense until Kathy’s second comment, then fuck knows what’s going on.

    In other news, can any Americans tell me how long, if ever, after becoming an American citisen you can vote. Because if Donald Trump somehow manages to come out of fucking TrumpWorld for long enough to attempt to run for presidency, I’d like to register my vote through the medium of feces.

  5. What, do you need to kiss the hem of the Queen’s dress or something before you can vote in England?

  6. @wilsonson: Actually, it’s preferable to present her with the severed head of a dragon, but being over 18 and registered to vote works just as well.

  7. I believe this is the first girl named Brandi that doesn’t give blowjobs.

  8. Brandi, you’re NOT a fine girl. Not fine in the head anyway.

  9. And up2in2 I believe you’re right, unless we count the ones under age 13.

  10. Bravo, throwingtofu.

  11. BritishHobo, once you become a citizen you get all the rights and privileges thereto immediately. Unless you want to move to LA, in which case you have to give blow jobs first before you’re invited. (If you don’t want to become a citizen, feel free you mail the feces and I will cast your vote for you.)

  12. Hobo, you just reminded me I have to vote again soon. Thanks, mate.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Matt is my kind of guy. None of that cheating or sneaking around to get blow jobs from other girls. Flat out break up with her if blow jobs are that important to you.

  14. What the hell? No blow jobs?!?! I’d dump her ass too…and I’m a broad.

  15. As the old joke goes, what’s the difference between a job you’ve had for 10 years and a wife you’ve had for 10 years? After 10 years the job still sucks.

  16. That guy is kind of a deuche. And his non BJ giving EX GF is a spazz.

  17. I know this scenario all too well. 15 year olds are such prudes. That’s why you need to get the 8 year olds. You can convince them that anything is a lollipop.

  18. Soup, if your dick looks anything like a lollipop, even to the eyes of an 8 year old – you need to get that shit looked at by a Dr.

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