Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture This

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  2. That child care sign isn’t that bad. A lot of people don’t even know that modern day Indians wear red dots on their foreheads now instead of the feathers. And that could be a European or Great British child care center and they don’t have many Indians over there.

    That’s a good mustache though.

  3. Walter, are you mildly retarded? The Indians who wear the red dots and the Native Americans who wear feathers are not the same race.

  4. What do you mean by “not the same race?” They come from the same Country…

  5. Oh my gosh how white is that white guy?

  6. Jeez, you guys are soooo stupid. Walter’s right! Indians, after being massacred by the Europeans, changed to a more understated dress, and now just put dots on their foreheads. Their faith was so shaken by their genocide, that they all became Hindus and learned to work with computers. They even changed their cuisine: They used to hunt, but now can’t subsist on wild game alone. So they began cooking with curry, lentils and rice. Fun fact: Indian cuisine is the only one to use every part of the lentil.

  7. I’m hoping Walter is trolling by saying Native Americans and people from India are the same.

  8. Walter, I must agree with bhelp322.
    Native Americans (like the werewolves in the lame Twilight :facepalm:) are not Indians (at all) they were miscalled like that for ages. The origin of this calling is because Columbus and others were searching for a way to reach India by avoiding passing thru enemy territory. They thought they found ‘another’ India. Hence the East India Trading Company and the calling of these new natives ‘indians’.
    The indians you see with the dot are actually Hindi or Hindú, people that come from India, the country in Asia —like Apu, the Simpsons character… for eg.— :doublefacepalm:
    Hope this clarifies.

  9. I think he was taking the piss.

  10. Hold on guys. I know what I’m talking about about. I’ll just google it really quickly and be right back.

  11. Here read for yourselves…

    This article is about the headdress worn by the Plains Indians.

    This aticle is about the bindi, which is worn by modern Indians. It used to only be worn by women but now men wear them too.

  12. how can people come to a (somewhat) humerus website and not get Walter’s joke? jesus people, he’s kidding.
    tough crowd buddy…

  13. Well thanks pretty bubbles, I think.

    I tried to put a couple links but they are awaiting moderation. Just google Indian headdress and read the wikipedia article about the Plains Indians.

    Then google Indian Bindi and ead that wikipedia article. It says how the bindi used to be only worn by women but now men wear them too.

  14. Sorry but why is the first one in here? Is it just the lame bragging about acting like a fucking prick, destroying property and wasting Fire Fighters time and attempting to justify such moronic behavior by playing the “I was drunk” card?

    If Jack had pulled shit like that in my college flat he would have been knocked the fuck out.

  15. @prettybubbles This website isn’t just humerus. It’s also ulna and radius (though I guess that’s a matter of opinion).

  16. You’re up late, word-pervert.

  17. ws, troll on.

  18. Walter Sobchak is right. things changed in India

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Well done Walt.

    I would actually prefer a “Humerus” website to this one.

  20. @12 I tried to eat the wikipedia article per your misspelled suggestion and now I have pieces of monitor stuck in my throat. Thanks a lot.

  21. Did you know that members of the Australian air force can’t have a moustache that goes past their lips. It is perfectly acceptable to grow it longer and twirl it up though. Those mustaches are cool. The fellow above has a decent one though.

  22. I lol’d at #14, humerus indeed!

  23. Badass party if CCR was there to call the fire brigade.

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  25. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Personnel in the British Royal Navy are required to be clean shaven, but can seek permission to cease shaving (that means full beard; no goatees or mustaches or any other funny business like that). They are then given three weeks to grow an acceptable beard, which is then reviewed by their commanding officer who decides whether they’re allowed to keep it. If you then want to shave your beard off, you have to submit a written request for permission to resume shaving.

    True story.

  26. I attended the University of Southampton. The first post on here is exactly why I opted out of living in student halls. UoS is a really respectable institution, these are the kinf of ‘tards that don’t get the 40% they need to pass the first year.

  27. I just knew I would make a typo in that… why didn’t I check? D’oh!

  28. @Kamarate, possibly the best part of graded academia is that it separates the spastics from those who wish to genuinely learn something. There is nothing more satisfying than starting the 2nd year to find the cull of twats has taken place.

    I’m not a kill joy, by all means people can work hard play hard, but playing hard does not mean act like a prick.

  29. drchalkwitheringetc – the Aussie Navy are the only defence members here who are allowed to grow a beard. I don’t know if they have rules like that though. They do make sense. No point having scraggly bits of bumfluff attached to their faces.

  30. Ms. Thedra’s Child Care
    1006 East Canal Street, Mulberry, FL

    You can see it on Google Maps =]

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