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  1. stfu nor’n monkey, about legal shit you know nothing about. the photo was published in the public domain (which facebook is). there is no copyright and lamebook isn’t doing anything wrong by republishing. if you want to hold copyright over your photos, don’t then waive the copyright by uploading it.

  2. @M

    Facepalm. (Unless of course you’re joking. If so, high five)

    @nor’n monkey

    Illegal but not immoral. Feel free to demonstrate what harm has been doing by violating the user’s copyright.

  3. @M

    Facepalm. (Unless of course you’re joking. If so, high five)

    @nor’n monkey

    Illegal but not immoral. Feel free to demonstrate what harm has been done by violating the user’s copyright.

  4. @Inflatable Nerd
    Okay, so the ‘wrong’ was my own opinion! As my personal preference, I don’t particularly want to see this stuff!

    Harm? In this case, ‘harm’ isn’t quite the dictionary definition, rather a legal one.
    I’m pretty sure the mother wouldn’t be particularly happy that the photo that has their child on (face blurred or not) has been put on a public forum for ‘discussion’, and would have a good case for non-intended use. While I personally am not of the ‘Eeeek, there could be pedo’s looking’ school of thought, and don’t think that this image is particularly ‘pedo-fodder’, this mother may well be, and may see this as breaching her rights/safety of her child.

    I work with photo copyright. It’s a sticky business sometimes. The laws are hazy, and not enough people have their rights protected.

  5. Damn. You responded. Now I have to intellectually engage with you.

    I basically agree with you, though I am glad this site exists, and don’t think it should be shut down. I shan’t be starting an internet argument, since I am too lazy to create an argument of coherence. I will say that it’s more of a privacy issue than a copyright one. Copyright infringement is just a useful claim to deal with the larger issue

  6. LOL

    I’m feeling too lazy to continue too… It’s 12.40pm and I’ve been up and fully functioning for 8 hours already.

    I wasn’t suggesting site shuttage, just a little more care with photo postage!

    Made-up words flowing thick and fast. Brain melting into puddle.

  7. I’d hate my mother if she posted this shit on facebook.
    I don’t even have pictures of me on the loo as a baby.

  8. Good. We have clarified our opinions and agree to mostly agree. Doctor Phil would be proud

  9. He certainly would 🙂 His message obviously got through

  10. Stop, stop, stop!
    Why do parents feel the need to post this kind of thing on facebook?
    Seriously, if you have someone who post this kind of shit (don’t mind the pun), then please tell them to stop.

  11. I will NEVER understand why people take pictures of their children in the bath or having a shit. Yeah, maybe it’s a special moment, but it’s not one you would ever be able to display – which is surely why photographs are taken.

  12. That is a big poop!

  13. I just do not understand it. What happens when you have a kid? Does part of your brain get shat out during the birth, and for evermore you think that posting pictures like this is a good idea? For me, it goes a long the same lines as watching women, who are smart and who have successful careers, go goo goo at the sight of a baby. Gathering around the thing like a pack of hungry wolves, reverting to these bumbling idiots with the baby talk and updates on feeding and the frequency and consistency of it’s nappy changes.

  14. Thanks for saying it welshraz. I was kind to all my friends with kids and their poop BS until they started making me feel bad for putting off having children. Sorry, need my brain for a few more years…

  15. No problem, BitterPretty. I was shunned at my last job, called a child hater and all sorts because I didn’t want to hold/look at/talk about other people’s children. And when I dared to say that I may never have children, it was like I had taken a crap on their desk. Horrified would be an understatement.


  17. I just did a shit today, do I have to take a picture and post it online? will I get a pat on the shoulder? FYI everyone should do a shit, unless your kid doen’t have a bumhole (in that case, yes it would be a miracle) there is no need to be proud.

  18. well who ever is using my real name to post obviously knows me so well…
    I actually laughed at the comment “lunch!”
    I didnt even realise it was posted by someone posing as me!
    Boy, I sure am special enough to have my own imposter! I’ve finally started to take over the world!

  19. umm that is disgusting and something you dont post up

  20. Wow congratulations, parents! Your kid can do what most non-retarded kids can do at that age.

  21. I was so glad that the blur was taken away when I clicked “click here to see more”

  22. oh my fucking fuck fuck fuck

    I pressed next page at the bottom of the screen, put some more dinner in my mouth and then the first thing i see while eating is this. I almost vomited.

  23. lmao @wtf

  24. child services called, they said they want the missing kid back

  25. I don’t care how proud of a mother you are… this is gross..

  26. How fucking dare you put something like this up you should be shunned from society you moron.

  27. like anybody needs to see this shit lol

  28. you think you have seen it all – but WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ew. We don’t need to SEE the shit. We would have believed it if she had merely told us.

  30. Frankly this is what its all about lady’s and gent’s. Embrace that turd… Its an innocent turd

  31. As a parent of a child I am potty training, I don’t understand this picture on MANY different levels.
    1. Why would you EVER take a picture of your CHILD naked? Isn’t that sort of illegal or something?
    2. While I am proud of my daughter when she makes it in the potty, I don’t feel the urge to save it, treasure it, etc… Flush it, give the kid a sticker and move the fuck on. What would you do with a picture of your kid’s first poop? Pull it out before she goes on her first date? Frame it and put it on the wall of the house? Make a scrapbook??? Seriously people!
    3. Even if you do take a picture of your kid’s first poop in the potty, why post it on facebook for the world to see? EEW!!! And TMI! And embarrassing!

    I feel so bad for this poor little girl because even after she is potty trained, she will still have to be raised by these maniac weirdo parents.

  32. 1.fucking

  33. Oh man, I’ve toilet trained 2 kids and am currently training another-but taking pics of your spawns own spawn in the bowl?
    Just fucking nasty!

    Then you go and post it on Facebook….? Really?


  34. potty chairs are so stupid, yeah, that’s what i wanna do, is have a little toilet next to the one that actually works that i will have to empty later, blech, may as well have your kids use the fucking kitty box, just put them on the fucking regular potty and use the seat adaptor thing and teach them to flush while you’re at it…

  35. […] it facebook or is it […]

  36. *gags*

  37. Caramel_Princess

    Oh C’mon! >=/

  38. If you want to document this, knock yourself out, but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Just because you take a picture doesn’t mean you have to share it on Facebook.

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