Monday, November 22, 2010

Wins from Down Under

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  1. STEVER!

  2. 1) Only if they haven’t washed today.

    2) Heheheheh.

    3) Ew.

  3. 1: I’d be fine with a human smell vs. fish.
    2: Zing
    3: Olivia, do Bloods feel ashamed when they can’t walk? There’s your answer.

  4. 1. No, Stephen, ’cause Mermaids are mythical, just like the mythical trip to Planned Parethood your girlfriends took their smelly vaginas on.

    2. Yes, I see what you did there.

    3. Of course, because now they don’t qualify for Section 8.

  5. Misfits quote. A misquoted Misfits quote.

  6. It is indeed a misquoted Misfits quote.

  7. So… would that make my pants an institute of higher learning? That would be sweet, tax breaks and all.

  8. I had no clue what the “cripz” were and had to look it up. That’s my learning done for the day.

  9. Does a bull vagina smell like steak? What about a stallion’s vagina? Like hay? Ohhh, maybe apples. They get apples for treats. I would pay good money for an apple scented vagina. Granny Smith. Tart.

  10. Stephen has obviously never heard of, or thought about, the Mermaid Problem.

    Remember, a mermaid is half human, half fish. The bottom half is fish.

  11. gwang pretty sure he has….. hence the joke 😛

  12. I’ve found that most minges smell the same….of fear and piss.


    I’ve found that most minges smell the same….of stale cum and terror.


    I’ve found that most minges smell the same….of play-doh and baby wipes.

    Three for the price of one you lucky cunts.

  13. Thank you kindly Imamofo – you’re getting too generous!

  14. 1 was ok. 2 & 3 were great!!

  15. ironyispredictable

    no 2 was ok and 1&3 were great XD

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