Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let’s be Frank

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  1. im 20 on the 6th of this munf u?

  2. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh nice, I think you’re the youngest here…maybe.

    I’m 21. 22 on the 5th of next month lol 🙂

  3. @yoink I like you and that it extremely rare. 😉 Seriously rare. Where are you from? I have heard many of the colloquialisms you use, like fuckaroon before when traveling but I can’t put my finger on where and it is driving me absolutely batty! Even the way you spell seems familiar somehow.

  4. cool cant wate for me berfday

  5. *is

  6. im from hull nonie an dunt fink anione else uses fuckaroon that i no of it started as persnal joke wiv mates an then stated sayin it al the tyme

  7. krasivaya_devushka

    Exciting 🙂
    What do you plan on doing for your b-day?

  8. getin pised looooooooool

  9. Kingston upon Hull or Hull, in Canada, Idaho, Georgia, Haiti, UK, or South Africa? Or a completely different one that I missed or know not of? I am thinking it was in Haiti that I heard fuckaroon the first time so that would make the most since I guess. I do remember the first time I heard it aloud I thought the wife who was arguing with her spouse had accused him of having sexual relations with a loon and thought loon to be a slut-shame common to the area. 😀

  10. hull in uk

  11. yoink i fink u shud go on jermy kile im wachin it now u cud go on about ur drivin ban, or maybey jus get ur mate 2 say he slep wiv ur missis but realy he anit – u just makin it up n get a hotel n stuff //7 2 stay in londen n drinks frm minibar n monney maybey?


    lol wud luv 2 c u callin jezza a big fat fuckaroon! anit no henry small enuf 4 him lol! maybey keyringe size henrey!!!!

  12. @WhatTheFuckIsBen ….. I bet you don’t even have a pool

  13. Can someone explain the Frodo, herpes, pool thing?

  14. Mogs, here is a link to explain the frodo and pool thing… I will have to look further to supply you with a link to explain the herpes thing.

  15. somehow yoink has taken over alordslums handle – through either some superior hacking skills or supernatural esp type thing, im not sure which…

  16. Thanks a lot katypants!

  17. Paranoid Android

    So that’s me, yoink and alordslums from God’s own county, Yorkshire.

    Ee by ecky thump, on Ilkley moor baht ‘at. Where’s me whippet…..etc etc ad nauseam.

  18. Ah gotta love Ilkley Moor, if not for the scenery, for the pub right by it, The Cow and Calf. They do a mean apple and blackberry crumble. Mmmhmm.

  19. Paranoid Android

    Yorkshire massiv in da ‘owse (yoinkenese)

    I was ‘cool’ once you know.

  20. Haha I’m living in Yorkshire – we should definitely start a massive

  21. (Alrighty, I am going to repeat my comments from previous post to reiterate my point. Sorry to all those who have read it earlier)

    Yoink should come up with a dictionary for his-style-of-English-challenged people like me to understand what he is saying.
    One more thing.. Since when has retardation or dyslexia become a trait to be admired by so many people?
    Was I hiding under some rock when this motion was passed in Lamebook? Well, I didnt get any memo so I’ll continue to assume that writing in a language that takes special ability to read and understand is still something to look down on….

  22. Lets break this down to see who has it worse.

    Frank: Convicted felon with 8 cats and a second wife. He is unable to have kids or adopt, and his financial situation is lacking.

    Kasha: A recent divorcee who gave birth to her only child when starting college (no confirmation of completing her education) and has been told not to have anymore because she has AIDS.

    …Tough call.

  23. so, he’s turning into a crazy cat man to compensate for lack of baby-making

  24. @Shadowd19

    HIV is an infection. I on the other hand have and autoimmune disease which is not contagious, that I was born with, which is probably which is probably what Kasha has. Not the same one as there are many and the one I have is kind of rare, but ones like Lupus are pretty common. She has had one child while married and is educated. I think the choice would b pretty easy.

  25. @ shadow19

    why assume she has AIDS? there are plenty of autoimmune diseases that are not AIDS, many are genetic… and why assume she didn’t finish school? she specified 1st yearm which reads to me like there were subsequent years of college following that.

  26. Wow. People actually use the phrase “this economy” in seriousness.

  27. Haha, okay, that one was actually funny. Well done, Lamebook!
    I love it, ‘Frank, you aren’t giving me a lot to work with…’
    Plus, the name ‘Frank’ always has comedic value. 🙂

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