Thursday, July 1, 2010

PhoDoh Time

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  1. Dueling fuckaroons? Awesome:)

  2. I’ve been to churches were they are filled with Holy Shit instead of the Holy Spirit. Total win.

  3. Been gone a while but very annoyed by this Steverness! Please let him go away and let Ben and Frodo come back.

    Must say the name tattoo is Joe’s best work to date.

    But please someone take out Stever and British Hobo thank you as always.

  4. I laughed pretty loud at the church sign, because I could imagine myself having a wreck if I drove past it. Classic. In high school, my buddies and I switched the letters on a church sign into a message about masturbation. I really wish I could remember what it said….

  5. no really, someone stole my screen name.

  6. People like yoink are why Lamebook exists.

  7. It looks like Jamie’s tat artist used A Wilton Stencil kit on those letters. It’s horrible!

  8. yoink is the reason why i’m here and perhaps you are right Anders!

  9. At some point in the last two days, Lamebook died, and its retarded twin brother took it’s place.

  10. R.I.P.

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    Anit, is that username inspired by yoink?

  12. I feel sorry for her kids.

  13. Is yoink right? Can you really not say one of the kids’ names without getting moderated?

  14. wow, that’s totally lame, Lamebook. So I’ll try again.
    Not that it really matters, but I think the kid everyone has been calling Jason needs his initial changed to M, not J.

    And also, the first one cracked me up just cos I could see Calvin yelling “Short pants touch my feet, ok??” to Hobbes.

  15. krasivaya_devushka

    He is right.
    Mine is being moderated, too.

    I said that it reads M-a-s-o-n T-e-r-r-e-l-l and it’s awaiting moderation.
    Idk if this will?

  16. mmm fuckeroon…is that anything like a macaroon? i love macaroons

  17. This one is too awesome.

    “neway i cant wate rownd for dan to reply cus he takes foreva to cum up wiv a cumbak i got betta fings to do an im guna get more acton tonite than the dude had wen he was an alta boy an its evan been yeers sinc he had any that action cos he so replsiv evan the caflic preest didnt wana tuch his pindick lata dudes an dudets!!!”

    Anyway, I can’t wait around for Dan to reply with a comeback. I have better things to do (than wait for that fuckaroon) and i’m going to get more action tonight than he did as an altar boy (at his church). It has been years since he has been laid because he is so repulsive, even the catholic priests (who are such giving people when it comes to children) wouldn’t touch his pin dick. Later dudes and dudettes.

    Holy Shit!

  18. Yes krasivaya it is!

  19. Jamie: Awful tattoo, but fucking excellent Scrabble score.

  20. I like, teo, I like.

  21. if she names kid #4 Zyzzyva Qwerty, the Scrabble score will go up even higher and they’ll even be valid words!

  22. CommentsAtLarge

    If Jamie’s tat is a crossword, what was the clue for Deja Dawn?
    “1 across – future purveyor of dancing on the pole and/or porn film actress”

  23. @Comments best of all, unlike most strippers and porn actresses there will be no need for a name change!

  24. CommentsAtLarge

    Indeed – plus the bank teller will never wonder what’s with all the dollar bills Deja deposits. Hope the kid never becomes a waitress; most of their tips contain single dollar bills, and she’ll never convince anyone they weren’t a result of dancing.

  25. I love yoink. If there is ever a remake of Trainspotting, I want him in there.

  26. It took me a minute to be sure that Jamie’s tattoo is actually in English.

    Also, the baseball one is just dumb.

  27. pissed my pants reading yoink and fargis..
    yoink you got some skills

  28. M-a-s-o-n Terrell, Deja dawn and Isaiah Robert. And she’s not even black.

  29. Damn, picked my username before I saw “Isalahkebert”. Ah, well.

  30. @ Nuff. just wanted to give you credit for your excellent and especially humorous translation today 🙂

  31. i registered just to comment on this post. yoink, you are golden, man.

  32. uhhhh, worst tattoo ever? maybe not worst, but it’s noteworthy! ugh.

  33. You know you have too many kids when you can play scrabble with their names. ugh. What kind of names are those anyway?

  34. @shampoo – What kind of names are they? I envision them being chosen using this process:

    Step 1: Get in the car.
    Step 2: Oh shit, the car won’t start.
    Step 3: Call Brittinee
    Step 4: Get a ride to the bookstore.
    Step 5: Find baby name book.
    Step 6: Open to random page.
    Step 7: Close eyes and point at a name.
    Step 8: Repeat steps 6 and 7 to choose middle name.
    Step 9: Change spelling of chosen name, preferably by creating a double-letter ending, eliminating vowels, or adding extra ones (Step 9 is optional, but not recommended).
    Step 10: Go to the liquor store, buy $6 bottle of vodka and get fucking WASTED!!!

  35. Oops…Step 9 should read optional but recommended (or optional but not not recommended for you double negative fans).

  36. #3 reminded me of the fate that befell Owen Meany’s mom. eeek.

  37. Does no-one else think dan_fargis is the funniest guy on here? I’ve never laughed as much as I did after his argument with yoink!

  38. @fuckaroonie

    Thank you! I think he’s funny and was wondering why so many people were hating.

  39. I can’t believe people think it’s serious!

  40. You know, we’ve never seen yoink and dan_fargis together at the same time. 😮

  41. That tattoo makes me feel very sick. I may have to lie in the dark for awhile.

  42. lather.rinse.repeat

    When she pops out eight more kids she will have to name them so they correspond with some of the letters on her back, so she can fit them in too.

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