Friday, August 21, 2009

Searys of Unforchonit Interests


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  1. A six pack of what? K-mart cola?

  2. That spelling actually makes me die a little bit inside. 17 years old and not even a basic grasp of the english language…so sad.

  3. … dont even know how to start this off…
    i hope this guy just sticks to blow jobs and/or handjobs… it would be a devastation to have him reproduce…

  4. He probably read the audio version.

  5. Er, listened to the audio version. 😛

  6. Terrible. F+

  7. I think he should hook up with Brigette from K-Mart; they’re a match made in heaven

  8. Lamebotomy Snicket.

  9. I like the way he’s not too fussy about whether he gets a handjob or a blowjob. Some people are so easy to please.

  10. @Jax #9: Yeah, the and/or killed me, too. I also feel he should have written, “I have 17 years,” just to be consistent with the English-as-second-language vibe of the post.

  11. I think this is fake.

  12. This truly is a searys of unfor…… unforch……. inforchin
    damn no, it really is too much effort to spell that badly.

  13. Well, at least he has a six pack. He can drink himself to death.

  14. damb.

  15. When a favorite quotations like that, in all capitals I might add, is the best part of something like this by so much, it makes me sad for my generation and humans in general.

  16. I admire this young man’s honesty.

  17. @wonkavision: You mean, “lambe!” []

  18. @Justin: When a wannabe pedantic comments like that, is the best part of something like this by so much, it makes me sad for you’re so lambe, baby, you’re so lambe..

  19. He’s not fussy whether the acts are performed by males or females either. Nothing like being ambidextrous at 17.

  20. You shouldn’t make fun of the retarded, even if they are lame.

  21. I’m not convinced he can even read…

  22. this has got to be fake.

  23. I like that “AND/OR”. He’s not a total monster; he’s left some wiggle room.

  24. Agree with Matt, especially since he spent a good 10 years being 17 years old

  25. The best part of this boy was dribbled down his daddy’s leg!

  26. get your 6 pack of schlitz and start jerkin away

  27. Whet tha fawk

  28. The book title spelling was probably intentional. A “device”.

    Advertising his abs, though. What a douche.

  29. Genuinely, how the hell did he manage to read any of those books?

  30. @Sarcasticmeow You forced me to look up a word, and I thank you for that.


  32. If there is one thing Lemony Snicket stressed in his books it was proper spelling/vocabulary.

  33. i agree with noelle. he clearly has never read ASoUE. unless, in this info, he is bastardizing snicket’s keen sense of irony.

  34. i never read that book but i’m sure it has a happy ending 🙂

  35. Hey, the guy likes what he likes. Who am I to judge?

  36. I’m sure he got a lot of attention from the pedofile members of facebook for posting that…

  37. searys of unforchonit avents.

  38. BestFriendSteve(notSteve)

    …Ambidextrous?? Don’t you mean bisexual? I stopped using big words for which I didn’t know the meaning at age 13.

  39. “Searys of unforchonit avents” ROOOOOOFL

  40. He quite likes it eh?..What a unique quality!

  41. No, kris, I think you had it right the first time. He probably read the audio version.

  42. I loved the Series of Unfortunate Events… classic books with deeper, under-the-surface tensions and subplots, superbly written and terribly, terribly depressing. What is terribly, terribly depressing about this post is that his supposed favorite book series taught vocabulary and some spelling within the prose… sigh. I hate everyone.

  43. wow. lemony snicket should whoop this guy’s ass.

  44. breakingconformity

    I almost want to call this fake simply because I can’t believe there is someone out there this stupid. I mean, come on. “Searys of unforchonit avents?”

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