Friday, August 21, 2009

That Sucks

That Sucks

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  1. @STC…if u can get fired for BJ and HJ then I may be next to get the sack, unless the person watching the videos at my job is using them for his own personal intentions 🙂

  2. Suede, you are not to say whether or not the decision was right. It is not your business nor the employees, so they really have no argument. Wage workers in a business can be fired for any reason at anytime. When they agree to work there, they sign a paper saying just that.

    The boss didn’t even have to explain why he/she fired her, but he/she did.

    So, in that respect, you are wrong. This isn’t an issue about a semi-fascist country or morals. This is a question about a contract SHE signed.

  3. Also, when i say the word “business” i do not mean “personal matters” i mean an actual business that makes money.

  4. I worked at K-mart – yes, lame, I know. And I got written up for hugging one of my co-workers.

    So, while nothing is wrong with sex, it is in violation of a policy..

  5. @Canaduck “I met a Brit who honestly thought that Bush was worshipped in the US, and had no idea that half the populace had voted against him twice and hated him”

    That’s not the problem, mate. The problem is Europeans find it hard to imagine a country were half the population would vote *for* him. It’s not a big deal, you’re just looking at it the wrong way around. And it doesn’t really matter that much anymore anyway.

  6. @suede: The manager of the K-Mart pretty much had to fire the employees. Here’s why:

    The break room, while not a “public” area of the store, is not a private area. Other employees use the same area. If a third employee walked in while that activity was going on, that third employee might have been offended and would possibly have grounds for a lawsuit against K-Mart for creating a hostile work environment, a variant of a sexual harassment case.

    Therefore K-Mart’s manager MUST adhere to a zero tolerance policy for something like this, to reduce the company’s risk exposure. If the manager doesn’t fire them this time, and another co-worker walks in on them the next time they do it, the potential for lawsuit goes up. The plaintiff would argue that by NOT firing these employees, the manager knowingly contributed to a hostile work environment. The manager would almost certainly lose his/her job over the incident as well.

    You can argue all day about whether everybody is a prude. It doesn’t matter. What matters here is the proper reaction on the part of the manager to the risk of a lawsuit, and firing the offenders is the proper reaction to minimize that risk.

  7. A Briton calling the U.S. semi-fascist is hilarious. Especially the part about not being video-taped without permission:

  8. This is….ugh…

    Why is this on lamebook?

  9. Now, where did I say I was from the UK? I’m not.

    @Sparky: Thank you! I actually buy that.

  10. You put the Queen on your money. You’re British.

  11. you guys are so uptight that you found a way to make these comments lame themselves. and for suede, i thought you were just being funny. the funniest part about this link is that you weren’t. i say we post the comments you guys made as another link of lamebook.

  12. the irony of a blow job getting you fired is great!

  13. Now I can only pray that this never gets deleted so that when future employers go on her FB to check up on what kind of person she is, it will be waiting for them.

  14. I think the comments ragging against suede actually make for lamer lamebook than the origional post itself.

  15. It’s hard not to bad when you’ve first tasted it. 🙂

  16. Gives new meaning to “attention Kmart shoppers”….my only question is….the guy getting the “head” did he get terminated too? What’s good for the “blower” is equally good for the “blowee”

  17. Contrary to what some folks may think, the majority of businesses generally frown on employees sucking dick on the premises during company time. That’s what your car and the parking lot are for. Also, most women (at least those who aren’t total skanks) normally don’t casually mention how they were just fired for blowing guys at work. Unless they’re giant hosebags like Brigette.

  18. Well said Sarge…..maybe she’ll get the “aunt jemima treatment”

  19. WTF is a liberal surrender monkey anyhow

  20. @Suede, ignore the people who are attacking your comments.

    It was obvious from the way you described your country that you do not live in the UK.

    It was obvious you were commenting on the fact she was fired, as opposed to being disciplined(she may be an idiot and not know this kind of thing is frowned upon in the workplace, even at break time) and NOT saying that it was acceptable to engage in sexual behaviour at work

    Although Sparky’s comment does explain why it had to happen, it is sad that in America its so easy to sue anyone if you get the opportunity (‘i saw someone getting a BJ and now i cant work and support my family and am emotionally damaged forever’)
    So many of their employee rights have been taken away, in the form of signing your rights away in a contract like Sparky mentioned, so that the company is protected

  21. I want to apply for a job at K-mart now; it seems the relationships with your co-workers are very friendly there…

  22. I agree with Suede.

  23. OH SNAP. And I do mean that in more ways then 1

  24. SomeRandomChick

    I love the drama in the comment threads. Way better then the whore getting canned. It is weird that I agree with Suede AND Canaduck, and yet, Team America!?!?! Is there a category for a socialist-fascist? Cause I’m pretty sure I’m both…. I want free healthcare, and I wanna water board the terrorist too! That’s freedom right there. Should I ever strap a bomb to myself and walk into a crowded place, I would totally expect to get the board.

  25. Sk8BrdngsNOTCrme

    I’m pretty sure that if you did do that, there would not be much left of you to water board…

  26. SomeRandomChick

    I should have said “assuming i get caught before I detonate”, forgive me.

  27. I like Suede.

  28. Its the fucking Beatles

    She’s a skank pure and simple. Boss was right to fire her. And please, not all Brits are so ignorant they don’t know what’s going on in other countries. A lot of us are very well informed, so don’t go tarring us all with the same brush when one or two jackasses come on this site spouting bullshit. That is all.

  29. now, I’d definitely ask for a IOU card in this case…but why doesn’t anyone ever offer ME a blowjob? I mean, if a KMart employee can get one, why can’t I???

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