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Too Much Harry?


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  1. There’s a town near my house named Ravensdale and I got into a habit of calling it Ravenclaw and not even noticing until someone else would give me a weird look.

    Also, UK and the US are not in competition. Why does everyone has to insult each other? There are plenty of stupid Americans, but there are also plenty of stupid British. There’s stupid people everywhere.

  2. Hmmm….I’m guessing Stevo thought I posted under his name and has decided to respond in kind by posting under mine. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble mate but it wasn’t me. Someone else obviousky thought you needed the put-down.

    @Quitit – agreed. I just piped up because I always hear the same crap when the UK gets flamed. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to bash my country:

    the weather, the politicians, the high levels of violent crime, the love of queueing etc, etc.

    But World War 2 and the American independance are not among those reasons. WWII was a team effort. We couldn’t have won it alone, you couldn’t have won it alone. On the latter note, any country will have embarassing history if you’re willing to look back that far. And I’m sick of hearing it from the occasional stupid American. Just as I’m sure you’re sick of stupid English people making cracks about trailer parks.

  3. anyone wit half a brain noes the americans barely even helped in WW2

  4. LOL at the post.

    As far as I can see, your original post was in response to Claire – I read it that she was British and taking the piss out of Americans…

  5. @’Josh_UK’

    The Pacific Theater isn’t nothing and was almost entirely fought by the Chinese and the Americans. As far as the war in the West is concerned, while their military contribution might have been less than the Russians they were responsible for keeping Britain and to a large extend Russia afloat by provision of armaments and munitions. Without the industrial contribution of the Americans it is doubtful that we could have survived the war. Even if we had, for the last 50 years or so we would have been dealing with a continental Europe primarily controlled by the USSR.

    @Holden – Way to up the idiot ante there, mate.

  6. Children! Stop it! everyone knows Australia is the best country in the world these days ^_^

  7. @VillageIdiot
    LOL, good timing – they just published a story in The Age this morning about how Brits are becoming louts, and the Aussies are going posh…

  8. John,

    Your epic stupidity is really, very impressive.

    Follow the conversation, or don’t post. If you cannot understand that someone is posting under the name “doosh,” then please, for everyone’s sake, leave the internet.

    As for the rest, if you don’t like the UK being flamed, tell your simple friend josh not to post generalizations. Or are the eight crooked, rotten teeth sticking too far into your brain to understand that?

  9. it appears from this thread that neither country has a monopoly on stupidity.

  10. @B:

    My stupidity? Please. Ironically you appear to not have read MY post properly. Steve_US specifically called me a ‘doosh’ (sic). The post by someone named doosh was incidental and yes, I was aware of it. You also failed to read the part of my post where I denounced Josh_UK as being an equally culpable offender in this flaming.

    Dentistry, that’s another one. Do you genuinely believe that English people all have crooked teeth? Do you get all your world views from The Simpsons?

    Next time you want to fling some ignorant abuse at me, do your homework first so you don’t look like such a prick.

    @ VillageIdiot: Any country that produced Chaser’s War have to be geniuses! I love that show….

    @ Duncan: Agreed in full.

  11. Actually, wait….further reading suggests the ‘doosh’ thing may have been a misunderstanding. *ahem* Sorry, B.

    Still, the torrent of abuse was unwarranted. Steve needed to be put in his place for his earlier posts. The rest of my remarks still stand.

  12. Yes, Australia is great. You’re all right.

  13. what silentangst said.

  14. @John

    You’re missing the rest. Your anger at Steve was laughable when he was responding to the stupidity of another. Trying to pretend like you’re the classy sort based on a response to a response is laughable.

    And really, did you not get the whole part about NOT making generalizations? Which would then lead one to believe that perhaps I was kidding about my dentistry joke? Really?

    This is what I was talking about when I said, read. It really isn’t that hard.

  15. Hahaha, what a ridiculous fight that has ensued…I love Brits and Americans, just not when they get on the internet together. A lot of old bitterness emerges…

  16. @ Duncan

    “The Pacific Theater isn’t nothing and was almost entirely fought by the Chinese and the Americans.”

    Until Pearl Harbor, it was Australia, the British (including British India forces), the Dutch, the (Free) French, and New Zealand who were the major players in the Pacific War. And China of course. Even after the attack on Pearl Harbor, these countries still played major roles. In places like Timor (Portuguese Timor and Netherlands Timor), the battle was fought almost purely by soldiers from Australia and Netherlands East Indies. I don’t think that you can make such a dismissive comment, disregarding the effort and lives lost by the other nations involved.

    “As far as the war in the West is concerned, while their military contribution might have been less than the Russians they were responsible for keeping Britain and to a large extend Russia afloat by provision of armaments and munitions.”

    You mean, along with the armaments and munitions the US were also supplying to the Germans? I mean, selling to the Germans?

    “Even if we had, for the last 50 years or so we would have been dealing with a continental Europe primarily controlled by the USSR.”

    Instead of a continental Europe primarily controlled by the US?

  17. @67

    attagirl wikipedia copy + paste

    also TLDNR

  18. @ joe

    Awwww, I’m so sorry that my post was too long for you. Would you prefer bigger letters and colourful pictures next time? If you didn’t even bother to read it, how the fuck can you comment on where I get my information from?

    Actually, I’m a historian specialising in 20th century history. I even went to Cambridge University to study. Not everyone who gets kicks out of Lamebook has to do their research on Wikipedia.

    Get a clue next time.

  19. Ah I don’t care, I am off to play with my tiny pee pee tail

  20. @Welshraz,
    As much it pains me to get into this pointless topic Duncan is correct (at least about the European war, your spot on about the pacific. The US did keep the USSR and the UK afloat with munitions shipments, don’t know why you think they sold to the Germans. In turn the USSR’s defeat of the German invasion opened up the Western front for the allies. US policy makers were well fearful of the USSR going too far into Europe. So much so that one General (Patton maybe?) wanted to keep the war going against the Soviets. And really, if you compare the fortunes of West to Eastern Europe post-war, you’d take US domination any day of the week, whatever its flaws.

  21. @ Andy_From_Oz

    The US sold arms to both the Allies and the Germans. It is widely documented that America is, and has been, a major arms dealer, selling (and supplying) weapons to different sides, in various conflicts (for example the IRA in Northern Ireland, whom they also helped finance). Granted that they openly supported the UK (and China) during WW2, but they were also selling munitions at inflated rates to the Germans.

    Both before and after Pearl Harbor, American companies were still trading with Nazis, and many wealthy American businessmen helped finance the fascist regimes in Europe. But on the flip side, there were businessmen in the UK and Australia who also did the same.

  22. @B: AGAIN, read my posts. I was responding to Steve’s generalisations which were directed at my country. I specifically stated that I wanted to put some overused arguments to bed because they are completely unfounded. And yes, I was taking the high ground.

    I also stated, twice now, that I thought Josh_UK was behaving just as ignorantly as Steve. While I obviously got that you were responding in kind to his generalizations with your dentistry joke, I was irritated that you failed to read my posts properly and associated me with him. The fact that you just waded into this argument streaming abuse when you are so clearly in the wrong needed to be asserted.

    So yeah, I’d take my own advice if I were you. Read first, flame later.

  23. ^^^ Do you realise how lame your arguments are when they show up as the most recent comment? Say something funny, fuckers!

  24. oi! oi! oi!

  25. I have sex with my mom. It feels nice like a mouse

  26. hahahaha, i put this on here, it made me laugh so hard. and yes its a chick. she was a bit confused.

  27. I will admit that when I went to San Francisco my first time last year, the three things I had to do were: ride a cable car, check out Haight & Ashbury, and to find the ‘Full House’ houses.

  28. This is the funniest thing ever.

  29. Just thought I would ruin everyone’s fun and mention: Azkaban was a massive Harry Potter convention in San Francisco, so wouldn’t be surprised if this was real? Just misspelled.

  30. Actually, @em, that was Azkatraz.


  32. arcanebutterfly

    LMAO Do you KNOW what site you’re on?

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