Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Few Quickies

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  1. I LOLd

  2. I got first comment… yes my life is now complete O_O

  3. Mike is awesome… I’m going to try that when I get my own classroom 😀

  4. Camilla’s is only funny if the guy upstairs is her FB friend. Otherwise, who cares?

    Alex’s and the Segway post were both stupid. The Segway thing was all the obvious jokes. “Segue” LOLZ. Not really.

  5. Mike, David & Camilla = true awesomeness. Especially Mike. She should totally do that. Make sure to video tape that & post it on facebook for us all to enjoy!

  6. mytwocentsorwhatever

    I laughed at Mike’s comment. Camilla needs to put her status on a piece of paper and slide it under the man’s door upstairs. I bet all that noise will quiet down quickly.

  7. Why the fuck do people always confuse multiple personality with schizophrenia? Uneducated twats.

  8. Camilla’s doing it wrong.

  9. If you want a funny video of someone being scared to the point of almost peeing themselves here is a good one =) it is really short but so worth it!

  10. That’s exactly what I was thinking, whitg. Although it wouldn’t have been funny even if he was right, but come on people.

  11. What’s so funny/lame about the first one? So he just found out his mom was her high school’s pregnant slut?

  12. Mike is awesome.

    I thought the same thing about the schizophrenia one. And I also agree that it wouldn’t be funny anyway.

  13. Mike’s going to hell… as am I for laughing at that.

  14. @ 7 and 12

    You beat me to it. I have no idea why so many people think that schizophrenia is MPD. These same clowns seem to feel that their “Person A says ‘black’ and Person B says ‘white'” jokes are sooooo clever. These people are more delusional than the psychotic people they mock.

  15. @whitg: Because dissociative identity disorder is too long for most people to remember. Also, because people are stupid.

  16. Yeah, came here to say that’s MPD, not schizophrenia. People are fucking stupid.

  17. Fuck, Lamebook keep moderating my comments. What’s the deal, we’re not allowed to use more than one swearword anymore? But that’s my whole shtick! That was the thing that was keeping everybody who hasn’t realize yet that I’m not funny!

  18. *keeping everybody who hasn’t realized yet from finding out that I’m not actually funny!

    Maybe typing like an illiterate fuck gets my comments through.

  19. @Noah Blank – I had to sign up on here just so I could stop and say that the DSMIV (if you don’t know what that is I will explain it: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition) states that the mental disorder some refer to as Schizophrenia or even Multiple Personality Disorder is actually Dissociative Identity Disorder.
    So when you say that “People are fucking stupid,” you are indeed correct, but only if by ‘people’ you mean yourself.

    Seriously, at least you could take a few high school courses before you troll on the webs.

  20. Why is that when a person doesn’t know some esoteric fact, they are “fucking stupid”? Unless you know everything there is to know in the universe, then I guess you’re fucking stupid, too. Not knowing the specifics of clinically defined psychological disorders doesn’t make someone an idiot. Calling them stupid is just your way of trying to feel super awesome about yourself for the fact that you happen to know one thing.

  21. @zachking- I just made an account so I could say that the person you are calling an idiot is actually right. Quoting the DSMIV does not make you right. Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder can both be classed as DIDs but they are NOT the same illness. Multiple personality, as it suggests, means the person exhibits as many as 100 personalities, although average is 10 and is usually the result of trauma. Schizophrenia has many symptoms including hallucinations and delusions, and is a condition you are born with, ready to present itself at any time. Perhaps if you wish to save face you may claim you thought noah blank was mixing up schizophrenia with split personality- a condition that doesn’t exist?
    Please don’t tell me to take a high school course from this- I’m currently completeing my final year of medicine, my specialty being- surprise surprise- psychiatry.

    Unrelated note- Camilla FTW

  22. Hey, when did I stumble into WebMD…

  23. wow, thanks everybody. Not only was that post not very funny to begin with but some of you have managed to suck every last tiny bit of humor out of it.

    I’m super glad you are medical experts. See, I’ve got this rash I need looked at…..

  24. Don’t know much about schizophrenia, but I have a bunion, if that counts.

    Mike is now my hero – wish I was a teacher so I could plagiarise that. And, agree that Camilla is cool!

    Surely nobody really called Hobo an unpleasant name? That would be unkind.

  25. Schizophrenia translates into “split mind” in English, and so many people mistake it for Multiple Personality Disorder, but they are NOT the same thing. Having multiple personas is not a symptom related to schizophrenia.

  26. I just opned an account so that I could kill the humour of a joke, and let virtual strangers know how smart I am

  27. *opened

  28. ryan’s status is truly lame.

  29. That’s weird.. after Alex’s post, I would have thought there’d be some douchebag reply along the lines of “aren’t you glad it wasn’t your father that was just blown?”

    Also, Mike FTW.

  30. I read this thread with this playing in the background…

    Makes it sooooo much more fun.

  31. @mindfreak (and everyone else discussing this):
    Dissociative identity disorder is the same thing as Multiple personality disorder, it’s just the preferred name for the disorder in psychology.
    Schizophrenia isn’t a dissociative disorder.

  32. fap fap fap fap fap fap fap…

  33. I laughed at Mike’s comment, I did not like Camilia’s comment.

    She does not win.

  34. Oh mass, always so eloquent 🙂

    …I’d just like to point out that you all are having an argument on lamebook about the medical correctness of a really boring joke.

  35. @wordymyperv

    That’s awesome – I <4 you 🙂

  36. @Wordy–“They’re Coming To Take Me Away” is fun for this too. I played that while reading the first few comments and then skipping past the stupid arguments.

  37. i guess i’m the only one who thinks the lame thing about post #1 is that it’s even on here… at least Alex’s mom graduated!

  38. Lol mass

  39. Dear woman in the flat downstairs,

    I know you can hear me whilst lying in your bed at night touching your labia, imagining it’s my cock inside you rather than your own over pedicured fingers. One day i will come down there and fake all over you.

  40. @39, if you think female masturbation is focused on the labia, you need a biological road map. While you’re looking up the clitoris, also check out the entry for ‘toes’, which is generally where pedicures take place.

  41. Pipsweet FTW

  42. so has anyone noticed that on the schizophrenia post, the language seems to be set to “pirate?”

  43. elevatorshoetoheaven

    Cap’n Alastair’s friend obviously doesn’t know what schizophrenia is. I think he’s confusing it with multiple personality disorder

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