Wednesday, September 29, 2010

High Times

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  1. Anti-Drug Campaign.

  2. Fuckin a man.

  3. Can’t trust those damn Mexicans.

  4. Thanks for letting us know Walter

  5. Sounds like a piranha owner to me.

  6. Yeah dude, Brandon didn’t say nothin bout drugs. He was talkin bout that crazy new Trix cereal. That shit makes you trip balls man.

  7. Why is Josh worrying about if his piranha sleeps or not? Seriously, is this a big concern for fish owners?

  8. I hate when my fish don’t sleep!!!

  9. mytwocentsorwhatever

    Well just the other day I was wondering how to get my fish to sleep since they suffer from insomnia. Thanks Josh, who would have thought.

  10. Geez Frances focus on the issue here! His fish might be ‘sec’ or ‘ded’!! I hate it when that happens to my fish…

  11. No quest, he’s just retarded.

    Probably was a red belly pacu anyway, he seems like he’s not smart enough to know the difference.

  12. Josh, stick your head in the tank to make sure.

  13. Josh is a borderline retard

  14. Borderline?

  15. The piranha was playing opossum, waiting for Josh to stick his hand the tank.

  16. I like how he knows how to spell ‘mexican’ and ‘piranha’ but he cannot spell the more commonly used words: fuck, bucks, trip, yeah, dead.

  17. Everybody knows pirahnas only sleep if there’s cocaine in their tank. Josh needs to get his facts straight.

  18. I don’t think it’s so much that he doesn’t know how to spell, it’s that he is just shortening his words.

    I flippin hate when people use ‘n’ for and. I went to the store n bought some bread n jelly to make a peanut butter n jelly sandwich. N then I got some milk n drank it.

  19. If our most esteemed commenter, Mr. Fargis, were here, he’d say that the “n” is because they use it to describe the kind of person they are.

  20. The ‘n’ word, eh… touchy subject : )

    ( first smiley face ever …fuckin’ A)

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