Monday, June 28, 2010

Everyday Entertainment

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  1. @Gingivitis
    you’re not alone, I thought it was hilarious!

  2. Usually I read all the comments on here they really do make my day most days (I know sad life I have) but cum.and.av.a.go. just ruined this one for me. Thanks Douche

  3. @The Salmon Mousse – You’re right, I would have pointed it out myself… Oh, the irony.

    About cum.and.av.a.go – He’s clearly a troll, it’s in the name.

  4. At first I felt kinda bad for Deb…but if she can still afford internet to FB on then obviously her priorities are a little screwed up.

  5. Sarah’s grandpa FTW!

  6. i think i’m in love with av.a.go

    thing that sucks about carlo is he’s probably just gonna go do the same thing over again since he got off so easy.

  7. bloody hell cum.and.av.a.go.if.u.fink.ur.hard.enuff.

    By the way…your name precedes you and makes your post funny…..I’m on your side gingivitis don’t worry.

  8. Don’t worry gingy – I’m with you!

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