Monday, June 28, 2010

Jacqed Up!

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  1. Titsonabull, you just made my life.

  2. Bulldog, that’s what I was thinking, and if it is real…that poor dog. This is all kinds of fucked up I wish I didn’t read it.

  3. @eenerbl

    YOU MADE ME SPIT OUT MY JUICE!!!!! freaking gold!!! your just amazing!

    and just FYI people.. when you go down on your man… a nose is a powerful thing… thankfully my man does not smell at all bad.. just smells like hot skin… if i’m extra horny i just get to work.. if my horniness can wait.. his ass can take a shower.

  4. I need a shower.

  5. releasethehounds

    I work with a guy who’s nickname is anus and he can fart on cue. You just have to say ‘anus fart’, and he farts. Once he pushed so hard that he prolapsed his anus and had to have an op to fix it. He brought in pics to show everyone because he was so proud. It looked every bit as fucked as you imagine it would.

  6. @55 i knew a guy who could fire one out upon request. He couldn’t burp though… at all… til one day he popped out a tiny little bluuurp and got so excited that we threw a party. He got so drunk he ended up glassing a cop. he’s still in jail.. so umm.. I guess it’s a similar moral to your story. Not always better out than in.

  7. I call FAKE !!!!

  8. it is fake, but people do stick it in dogs, which is messed up

  9. I’ve been a long-time watcher of you all and find most of you to be incredibly funny and make the whole site much more worth a glance but I just had to register to vent something-
    I know that, most likely, these comments about dog-fuckers and the like are made with a hint of irony and I’m probably just over-reacting but I just want to throw this out there-
    It sucks to be them. I know it does, because I was one (mostly poodles and labradors) up until about a week ago. Sometimes you just get thrown into the job and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m well educated consider myself to be a pretty intellegent person, and the people I worked with were the same… S**t happens and people have to earn a living- just remember that.

  10. oh, and… ‘occam this puppy pumper’s planck’!


    soup, i would like to believe that the razor isn’t actually there…

    i suggested to the missus the other day i might buy a penis pump, to which she replied, ‘entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem’.

    i just wanted to be able to slap her face with my proslogion.

  11. I am inspired. I wrote a poem. Dedicated to my poor puppy, may she rest in peace. It’s called “Man’s Best Friend”

    Cats don’t bite and they’re tight, but Scruffa don’t scratch while I’m rockin’ that snatch.

    Miss you.

  12. The great dane is too tall
    Chiwawa’s are to small
    But the dog that I like
    To quell up at night
    the dushhound is best of all
    he is longer than he’s thinner
    He love to let me in
    His eyes swell with love
    He fits like a glove
    And that’s why he’s man’s best friend!

  13. bluenails you should be ashamed of yourself. “Chiwawa”??

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Chiwawa and dushhound. Lol

  15. sorry Walter is a song by Comedians (doug anthony all stars)and thats how they spelt them..
    by the way the song is called “I fuck dogs” if you couldn’t guess..
    they crack me up.

  16. ps. you’ll never be alone if you give your dog a bone…

  17. OMG! I laughed sooooooooooo hard!! And now I feel like a terrible person.

  18. Omg. POOR PUPPY! what a disgusting piece of fucktart that guy is.

  19. Fake. She seems way to smart to be telling facebook that. Ya’mean? She’s to literate. She has perfect grammar. Only stupid people post that much information on facebook.

    Anyway, sadly there are people out there that penetrate small animals. My grandma knows a man who killed 2 dogs like that.

  20. I believed it right up until the bit about Michael Vick.

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