Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Dumb State of Mind

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  1. Canada is a state of being.

  2. Oh right, I forgot that having a licsions plate was determinative of U.S. statehood. Reminds me of the woman in FL who called 911 because McDonald’s was out of chicken nuggets. This is the result when leftists control our education system.

  3. Soon, Dana. Soon.

  4. sack up and fight the power nancy

    Canada Dry must really fuck with this girl’s mind.

  5. Canada, if it sucked any more, we’d call it France. Where’s 9? I am curious to know if he fucked Dana.


  6. ^ He fucked you in the ass, and then got lost in there.

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  8. There’s no need for the hostility beatmyschlong, sounds like you need to get fucked.

  9. An ignorant fuck nugget shopping at Walmart ??? What are the odds?

  10. I’m not hostile, only sleepy.

  11. This girl is full of lame/idiotic status updates. I’m surprised she hasn’t been on lamebook more than once.

  12. You know, amazingly enough, when I used to live in the US I often shopped at a local Walgreens which had a Western Union service desk. At one point, I had to Western Union some money to a friend in Canada. The woman behind the desk looked at me like I was crazy, and asked “To where??”. I repeated my request to send money to Canada, prompting her to ask, “Where’s that?”. I replied, “Canada? The big land mass geographically located RIGHT ABOVE THE USA?” After a bit more prodding, and her being legitimately perplexed by the idea that there is more than one country that makes up the North American continent, she shook her head and said, “Really?? I’ve never heard of it…”. I laughed until I realised how sad it actually was.

  13. necrophiliac64258

    How in the fuck can anyone screw up the spelling of licence that badly, I feel like I’m living in a world of retards.

  14. necrophiliac64258

    That sounds like lishins holy fuck I hate people so much right now how the fuck does this bitch even sound words out. If i meet her I would kill her only because I’m saving the world from her producing another illiterate fuck to plague this world.

  15. In the states, we spell it “license.”

    @Kitty – Just tell ’em that Canada is America’s hat.

  16. Holy hell people. Canada’s army uses license plates while they’re out and aboot… but the plates say Canada instead of Ontario or whatever.

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