Monday, November 23, 2009

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate


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  1. john, shut up assholes. and it is relieved.

  2. You’re dissappointing. I expected more out of you.

  3. See, you’re all stupid, they’re gonna be looking for army guys.

  4. flexo is my favirite person evar.

    i personally lawl’d at this, then came, then laughed some more at a lot of things said herein. and will the real Peter Griffin please stand up?

  5. You guys really need to chill. Flexo=joking=previous thread jokes=CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

  6. Yeah retarts. Use your brians.

  7. Tune in for tomorrow’s Amanda status update: “I hate my small boobs, i feel like someone who’s undergone a double masectomy!”

  8. @ Zoned don’t ruin it! sssssssshhhhhhhh, let them be stupid!!!

  9. *mastectomy

  10. @ Flexo, I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt when I saw you misspelled “retard” but seeing how that is the second time i’ve read your posts, ending with “retart” I see now, you’re just a paulbag.

  11. bailey, you asshole, shut up and know your role. speak when spoken too, nd NEVER again.

  12. Flexo, I pitty you. Loose some weight get a life, and a job. And stop ragging your OWN insecurities on other people. It’s not our fault you’re a fucking looser.

  13. bailey, it is spelt “loser” DUH, you need to learn to spell write.

  14. Flexo, it’s “right.” YOU need to learn how to spell.

  15. laquisha, shut up asshole, you are a retart. write is a word DUH.

  16. yo flexo

    trying too hard son

  17. my dick is so small that when i piss it goes all over my balls

  18. flexo, is it your job to fail repeatedly?

  19. hey flexo
    ease up on callin people retarts ay, its a little offensive for some people

  20. Elvis: I was dreamin’. Dreamin’ my dick was out and I was checkin’ to see if that infected bump on the head of it had filled with pus again. If it had, I was gonna name it after my ex-wife Priscilla and bust it by jackin’ off. Or I’d like to think that’s what I’d do. Dreams let you think like that. Truth was, I hadn’t had a hard-on in years.

  21. That was fucking lame.

  22. Flexo, clicking the submit button without having proof read first was a bit retarted of me, I agree.

  23. I don’t see this as attention whoring… she sounds genuinely upset to me. Not everyone who complains about their appearance is fishing for compliments. Sometimes they really do just hate their appearance, and need to vent.

  24. reading…reading…bored…more reading…BAM! GO JOEL!

  25. disregard that, she’s a bigger attentionwhore than i am and i’m jelous

  26. @ flexo


  27. Makes me proud to be a Joel.

  28. Flexo. We get your spelling and grammar jokes. You want attention. You’re like some kid who repeats some Jackass shit, then puts it on Youtube. Gig’s up champ.

  29. All my hair fell out when I was twelve.
    That bitch needs to shit the fuck up.

  30. Joel = Win
    Flexo = Lousy troll
    People who get trolled by Flexo = Fail

  31. Joel wins at life. I wish I could be as awesome as him.

  32. Good grief, flexo. A few pages ago you couldn’t see where brians was. Now you’re misspelling brains. For the record, brians is so passe.

  33. LOL @ the pathetic attempt to insult me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see such a comment, since a lot of people here like to make assumptions about others based on hardly any information whatsoever…

  34. This thread is far more entertaining than the post itself HA! I’m not entirely sure whether “flexo” is acting like a moron to get a rise out of people, or is actually a few fries short of a happy meal.. Either way! Keep up the good work all!

  35. flexo is alpha troll here, and its so easy to feed him.

  36. What makes this funny is the girl is complaining about her hair and her friends are trying to raise her self esteem and what really sets it off is that Joel tells her he ‘Does not like this’

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  39. My vote- attention whore

  40. stupid superficial cow!

  41. Why do silly little tarts think its acceptable to compare their bad hair days to cancer patients?


    I bet they moan about it less than she does too…

  42. This is my sister, Amanda. It was a joke. Calm down people, jesus.

  43. I hope Amanda gets cancer

  44. You know….I lost a bunch of my hair. There was a medical cause for it other than cancer. (My mother’s a cancer survivor, by the way, so please lay off of the insinuations of insensitivity for a second and hear me out) While I can certainly understand how Amanda’s post may seem superficial to many of you, I will say that I do sympathize with her on some level. I actually felt pretty bad for her when I read the post. It’s kind of traumatizing for a young woman to lose her hair, especially when it gets so thin that you can no longer hide your balding scalp by ‘messing’ with it. Granted, she may just be fishing for compliments, but I think hair loss might be enough to make any lady cry….going bald is pretty embarrassing, especially for a woman. Personally, I would be a quite hurt if someone called me a stupid superficial cow for being upset about losing my hair. Just food for thought….

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