Monday, November 23, 2009

What’s On Their Minds





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  1. flexo
    kaoss, it is chaos asshole. retart is to a word assholes. look it up in the dictionary. i am so sick of the jerks here who think their so smart. i bet youthink you are geniouses too.

    You’re a dickface, I was defending you, you dumbfuck. Way to go!
    And flexo, Since when do nicknames have to be gramatically correct? Last time I check Flexo wasn’t a real world either.


  2. this is like jerry springer on lamebook!!

    to clear all of this confusion over this word “retart”

    retart- no dictionary results … therefore it’s spelt RETARD, look it up on the dictionary and stop being lame.

  3. 1) retart

    Retarded spelling of ‘retard’

    2) retart

    1. Microwaving an already toastered pastry, such as a Toaster Strudel or Pop Tart.
    1. Someone who has had sex so many times, they have transcended “tart”.
    2. Any object that has been retarted.
    My toaster sucks, Imma have to retart this biYATCH.

    Your mom is such a retart.

    I’m gonna eat this retart, and like it too!

  4. flexo = fail.

  5. phill = I rape you’re dead childrens

  6. That microwawe text…. that’s the funnyest text ever…. hahahahaha…..

  7. @ Flexo
    haha if that is the best reply you can muster than you are a lousy impostor at best! Keep trying though fake-boy, it is hilarious watching you fail!

  8. The ONLY good thing about these is the Pirate English setting. I had that on there for a while, but it was fucking annoying.

  9. did anyone else notice the difference in Marisa’s name on her status and comment…?

  10. The first name will say “lady” before it – it links with the pirate speak thing..

  11. dumb bitch! did her mom slap her when she was born?

  12. @Yoski: probably not, but the doctor would have if she wasn’t already crying. and it wouldn’t make her turn retarded later in life either. what a stupid comment, Yoski.

  13. Have these people actually attended school? Learned some of the basics of physics? No wonder the rest of the globe thinks we’re backwards and inbred… Because we are.

  14. Epic comment above

  15. Mark = win! ….nuff said

  16. @115 – your awesome. As someone from another country i can defiantly say yes that is how we see most of you.

  17. I am jealous of Mark!!!

  18. I just want to know why is Jon so happy about Benny getting his privates pierced, lol.

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