Monday, August 10, 2009

I Don’t Know Who is the Lamest…


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  1. Christine x 2 + John + David + Stuart – Intellect + (Lame x Douchebaggery) = Me, slowly but surely, finding all of these people and punching them in the face.

  2. The Chinese invented eyes.

  3. I like John’s post. Sounds like something a parent would say to an unwittingly racist 5 year old.

  4. Yeah, on second thought, I probably should have omitted John from the equation. That’s a fail on my behalf.

  5. For some of these lamebooked people, I really have to wonder about who is friends with them in the first place.

    I admit I’m almost jealous that I have no lamebook submissions because none of my friends are this ridiculous!

  6. I don’t think this is racism, exactly. This is just ignorance. You might as well ask why black people have darker skin. That wouldn’t be racist either, would it? Clearly by “funny” she means “different” and not “amusing”. Bloody gwailos. They’re all the same.

  7. Boz:
    Y R U 0n HeRe UsInG RACEIST tErMs ?
    I AM AN gwailO, AND, dEsURV A APOLOGee FRM u.
    DaTs WuTs Up.


    Youres TroOly

  8. wHaT?

  9. This girl is very inquisitive. She’s probably a top-notch journalist at school. “Excuse me, Mr. Spic? Can you tell me why you guys are always gardeners? I want REAL answers, man!!”

  10. This is truly a Lamebook philosophical symposium in the making. Let’s diagram: Four racist f*cks who can’t spell–make that, HORRIFICALLY unfunny racists who can’t spell–gather around an online camp fire to discuss the genetic facial traits of Southeast-Asian indigenous people. They reach no conclusion, but manage to offend the entire civilized humanity while they retardedly fumble along for an answer. Nice work, @Christine, @John, @David, @Stuart.

  11. Wait until she learns that there are statistically more black people in prison.

    “Hey blacky, why do you steal?”

  12. hey Boz, quit posting under my name and get a new name.


  13. I’m all right with the one I have. Thanks, though.

  14. its good to have friends who share your passions.

  15. I love John’s reply. Sounds like something like…oh wait, ‘fterklang already said that. Oh well.

    Am I the only one laughing at Stuart?

  16. Arf The Crime Dog

    I really hope David was joking cuz that is just amazing.

  17. ZERGRUSH kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke ^______________________^

  18. laughing hysterically


  19. This is truly one of the lamest things I have ever seen

  20. Just wow.

  21. […] via lamebook […]

  22. I believe those who are Asian have the appearance of almond shaped eyes because of the epicanthic fold. Most Europeans don’t have one, or it’s not as pronounced.

  23. lol@This girl is very inquisitive. She’s probably a top-notch journalist at school. “Excuse me, Mr. Spic? Can you tell me why you guys are always gardeners? I want REAL answers, man!!”

  24. Sweet jesus, what is wrong with these people?

  25. Well Christine, some people are different from others….

  26. I may be able to comment after I’ve stopped blinking at the screen, going “Really? I mean.. REALLY?”

  27. Because we like to narrow our eyes in contempt at ridiculous honky bitches like Christine.

  28. “NOT!!!”? really? i wouldn’t be surprised if she was pretty young, like preteen age. at least i hope so. to also explain the grammar and spelling.

  29. Why do bimbos have fat asses, Christine?

  30. How in the fuck do two people on this site both have the nickname “boz”?

  31. The area around what is now mainland China used to be a desert many millenia ago. The “funny eye” as you so intellectually fucking put it Christine, is a result of evolution and natural selection where those who were able to maintain vision in hostile weather conditions (i.e. sandstorms, dry environments and lots of sun) had a better chance of surviving and thereby passing on their genes to fertile offspring. The uniquely (and sexy) shaped eye, developed over time.

    Pick up a fucking book.

  32. @ Also Asian… ok that explains the “chineese” what about the jewish american princesses?

  33. im gay

  34. what an idiot…

  35. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist..

    Japanese are constantly squinting because of the massive flash at Hiroshima..

  36. MannequinSkywalker

    Stuart is actually Richard Dawkins.

  37. Wow, these people (except John, what an awesome name that guy has)are ignorant. I love Stuart’s answer, it’s as if he believes he has summarised the solution perfectly:

    “Cos they Asian”

    – pillock.

    And I’m also Asian – woop!

  38. Look.
    Asians are really pretty fucking ugly.

    The only impressive thing if ever seen come out of an Asian,

    is a series of PING PONG BALLS.

  39. Look.
    You’re pretty fucking ugly.


  40. I’ve seen their eyes, and nothing about them is funny. Though, if we’re talking about anime, that’s a different story…

  41. oh Boz… when will they stop impersonating you 😉

  42. @JakeYour

    Thanks. Asians love you, too.

  43. When I get really bored I sit around and ponder the great mysteries of life too. Why “Japs and Chineese (wow appalling) have funny eyes” is one of my favorite topics. Followed by “Why do some Irish people have red hair?” and “Why are black people black?” and my all time favorite “Why is my mother blonde and I’m not?” It really helps pass the time in my totally lame life, you know? Just sit and wonder about stupid, pointless physical products of human evolution….

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