Monday, August 10, 2009

People for the Ethical Treatment of Vajayjay


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  1. Todd FTW!!

  2. With a side of fries...

    Nikki’s blurred out pic can gobble me down any day… mmmmm mmmmm…

  3. Full of win.


  5. Well, what do we expect from Nikki? She’s about as immune to potential double-entendre, irony or HUMOR of any sort as 90 percent of card-carrying vegans.

  6. Nikki = lame, Todd = awesome.

  7. I’m one of the guys, I’m number 2.

  8. @sarcasticmeow:

    Not so, though I know it’s more fun to stereotype than to consider serious ethical issues.

    Anyway, I’m vegan and thought this was hilarious.

  9. People like this give vegetarians and vegans a bad name. There are lots of reasons to stop using animals, and not one of them involves being “friends” with them. In other news, good for Nikki. Some girls can’t even talk a guy into holding hands.

  10. NOM NOM NOM!

  11. OWNED!

  12. I guess meat curtains are still on the menu.

  13. @Canaduck: OK, cool, maybe you’re one of the 10 percent vegans I allowed for in my initial comment who are perfectly normal, funny people. Sadly, my experience with vegans has been sorta skewed toward humorless. I had a vegan boyfriend I actually liked quite a bit, and for whom I made a major effort to cook vegan (Am an enthusiastic meat eater and an abso-freaking-lute cheese freak, just so you get a sense of how much I sacrificed for him), and this little rock & roll straight-edge hipster still made our couple life hell. The incessant bitching and moaning, and inability to take him out to a nice dinner on the town and enjoy it, killed the romance for me.

  14. “[I am] an enthusiastic meat eater and an abso-freaking-lute cheese freak, just so you get a sense of how much I sacrificed for him”

    …how unfortunate that must have been to you…

  15. for you*

  16. @Nicolle: Don’t cry for me, Argentina: I went right back to gorging on exquisite smelly French cheeses as soon as we broke up, and haven’t stopped since. =) Yum @ pasta with truffled cheese = high point of life as we know it!

  17. @sarcastic meow – maybe your ex-boyfriend didn’t have any humor because he was straight-edge or, even more likely, because he was a hipster.

  18. Great, I was hoping sarcasticmeow’s ridiculous self-absorbed ramblings were limited to the Daily Intel blog.

  19. great stuff

  20. what the chickens

    she got told haha.

  21. @KBoogie: Huh? Anywhoo, thank you for the hilarious ad-hominem snipe! We’re all collectively rolling in the aisles.

  22. Todd’s a real gentleman.

  23. laughing hysterically

    todd is a douche

  24. sarcasticmeow, you tend to take aim at other posters ad-hominem posts, as if they are in the wrong, while at least 90% of your posts are the exact same thing. Please stop being such an egotistical, self-absorbed assbag, and just make fun of the actual lame postings rather than trolling these boards just to make fun of people with actual senses of humor.

    In other words, fuck off. That was ad-hominem.

  25. todd is awesome – FTW!

  26. The only thing that would’ve made this any sweeter is Todd said she tasted like tuna salad.

  27. Oh man I know this girl haha, oh gah nobody’s EVER said somethin like that to her haha

  28. HAHA! Todd is my new best friend 😀 😛

  29. todd sounds jealous that he’s not the 4th. And i respect anyones right to abstain from meat and fur. But anyone who says that all animals are our friends needs to be diced up and fed to their little pals

  30. It’s alright, Sarcasticmeow. I’ll date you, I love meat too. And seeing as you love meat and I love meat we might as well meet and you can let me put my meat in your meat.

  31. i don’t know whether this is lamebook… or ownage.

  32. OWNED

  33. P-p-pwnage!

  34. If you wrap it up in a condom then its not eating!!!

  35. do you think Todd feels left out?

  36. Todd rocks. *nom nom nom nom*

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  38. Goddam brilliant, thanks again – reposted at

  39. Absolutely great

  40. This is just…golden.

  41. Haha! at least 3 of Nikki-eaters were kiss and tell type of guys, then?

  42. Beaver consumption is wrong!

  43. Loving the one response ownings, they’re my favorite.

  44. Dead!

  45. FLip ftw on comments, nice reference 🙂

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