Monday, August 10, 2009

Shopping Bereave!!!

Shopping Bereave

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  1. How the hell is this lame? She clearly didn’t know about this when she made the status update.

  2. I assume that Nancy is the subject of the lameness, due to

    a) Her rather public declaration of Fran’s death.
    b) Her use of “Calm down” as if declaring that you want to go shopping is somehow rather decadent.
    c) Her formal insistence that Emily should make a card for her uncle and cousin (assuming they’re immediate family of Fran). Not even “buy a card” but “MAKE a card”. And again, rather publicly.

    It’s more ‘odd’ than ‘lame’.

  3. Kind of what I thought after I posted my original comment. But like you said, more odd than lame – she’s obviously upset. And the random ‘calm down’ thing was weird. I know its too public, but so many people stuff like this on FB and don’t care.

  4. Poor Emily, being told to “calm down” when she didn’t even use an exclamation point…

    This is why middle-aged people should not use Facebook. They make it awkward.

  5. @Munch “so many people stuff like this on FB and don’t care”
    isn’t that like, the whole point of this webstie?

  6. Yeah it’s lame that people drop serious news like this over a public wall … as a response to a status concerning shopping. Learn how to private message, people.

  7. The “calm down” was more of a “get ready for what Im about to say”, I’m guessing.

  8. @Tom – very true, but we’ve definitely seen worse!

  9. @’fterklang: I kinda beg to differ. Nancy’s surely a cad and a bitch, but Emily still deserves the Lamebook laurel crown for engaging Nancy, for her nuanced and compassionate reaction to the bad news (“shit this sucks”), and for her overall bizarre reaction (“Nancy, you just called me an insensitive a-hole. I love you!”)

  10. @sarcasticmeow: people respond differently to hearing bad news..

  11. @ugh: Well, I suppose you’re right. We should be praise Emily for her sense of Facebook decorum. She could have, after all, reacted to the bad news with an “OMG, what a major bummer, there goes my shopping expedition, LOL!!”

  12. @sarcasticmeow: *”We should praise Emily..,” duh. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Lamebook had an “edit/preview comment” button?!

  13. Do people still “make” cards?

  14. BOZ
    WhY r U coMeNttInG on eVeRy pOsT oN hErE?

  15. Nancy, it’s called a phone call?

  16. 10 minutes later, Nancy twittered the status of her ovarian cancer to Emily’s father. “Calm down, Ed. The radiation treatment didn’t work. Bake some muffins and leave them on my doorstep.”

  17. @Samsonite Why not?

  18. the comments on this site are way funnier than the original lamebook posts

  19. Who the fuck tells a girl someone died.. like that?!!
    @HellenKeller, lmfao.

  20. laughing hysterically

    WHATTHEFUCK NANCY: epic fail.

    why is emily being told to calm down?

  21. laughing hysterically

    YourMom and HelenKeller FTW

  22. OMG Nancy just gave a shining example of passive aggressive behavior. At least it’s a good thing that it’s a distant relative of Emily’s; I’m sure she’d hate to find out that one of her parents or a sibling died in this manner.

  23. it would seem nancy is even a bit elated herself that aunt fran died. were she to use a direct synonym of ‘calm down’ it might have sounded like ‘relax’ or ‘take it easy’, phrases normally used in positive situations to put people at ease. but instead of this, evil nancy is basically declaring “take a load off, everything’s cool.. aunt fran is dead.”

  24. I’m with #4…I hate to be ageist, but sometimes I wonder if middle-aged folks should use facebook (or technology in general). It reminds me of the time that my mom sent me a text message telling me my cousin died.

  25. Nancy is actually Emily’s mother is that makes this situation even funnier

  26. @ #1-25, Calm down, my dog is barking downstairs, I will be right back!!

  27. yeah and make sure you make a noodle necklace too!

  28. hahaha yourmom

  29. That mother sounds very cold-hearted. Emily seemed to handle it okay though!

  30. Fist me.

  31. my grandma informed me of my great-grandma’s death by leaving me a post-it.

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