Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aww Shoot!

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  1. I get the feeling the effort of Googling Dimebag Darrell would be a waste. I don’t think understanding the references would make them any funnier, correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Charlotte Sometimes

    he was shot from an paranoid schizophrenic audience member. pretty much all you need to know.

  3. Those are some bang up comments.

  4. Charlotte Sometimes


  5. I can’t wait to revolver to the next entry of lamebook.

  6. Mikefu … Dimebag Darrell was the guitarist for Pantera and a few other bands after Pantera … Til he got blown off the stage while playing a gig by a deranged ex marine fan … Yeaaaaaa

  7. Charlotte Sometimes

    i found this to be in bad taste… not that i give a crap about dimebag darrel, but gregory could have made a shot for a better joke.


  8. You can see videos of the shooting on youtube, I think. Yuck.

    I liked Pantera.

    I’m not feeling the humour today, Lamebook, but it could be because of the acute back pain I have. Where is mass and Zoned and ohbabybaby when I need a painkiller that might actually work?

    Leaving now.

  9. I still love Pantera … Doesn’t mean I’m going to go blow the their drummer ……. Away

  10. Ah, I love me a good pun war.

  11. Whoa … The their ? That was definitely an epic iPod fail

  12. I see. Well then I apologise if I jumped the gun in assuming that this post wasn’t funny.

    Look, I made a pun too. I feel included.

  13. It’s ok mikefu … You gave it a shot

  14. Thanks kornstar, I guess I just can’t do a bang-up a job like you guys.

  15. Fire away … You’re doing great

  16. Charlotte Sometimes

    Time to stop shooting out puns.

  17. dirtylittlepretty

    this post has a real Pow-wow feeling

  18. dirtylittlepretty

    that wasn’t really funny..guess I’m shooting blanks 🙁

  19. I’m quite blown away that you would say that, Charlotte

  20. These are some high-caliber jokes you all are making.

  21. Anyway … Time to shoot off and take the kidlets to school … Have pun everyone

  22. I had a semi-automatic laughing fit.

    That’s all I got . . .

  23. Someone pulled the trigger a bit early in their FB pun war, most of them are half-cocked at best.

  24. No one seems to get the true scope of the situation . . .

  25. .. that’s a long shot, really.

  26. @word.. I had what you were looking for, sorry I missed you.

    Checked my mail today, nothing yet.

  27. I really wonder who all these comments are aimed at

  28. Just a shot in the dark but, everybody?

  29. I’m all fired up about this thread but I think we’ve capped things off pretty nicely here folks.

    “I get the feeling the effort of Googling Dimebag Darrell would be a waste.”

    You would shoot your load after listening to Pantera, Head banging to Dimebag playing is awesome.

  30. Had to make an account to comment and tell whoever at lamebook that posted this is a tasteless fuck. how in the fucking world is making fun of someone who was murdered acceptable. Only on this piece of shit website apparently that kind of thing is tolerated

  31. Making fun of murdered people can be hilarious. I mean sure it is tragic, but we may as well get some benefit out of it now that it is done.

  32. @ juicyjeezy361

    I think you’re kind of missing the point. I’d argue that Lamebook posted this in order to make fun of people who make fun of people who were murdered, because, by most people’s standards, it’s clearly unacceptable to make fun of people who were murdered. That sounds like a tongue twister, but I assure it does make sense! Basically, Lamebook is showing up the fact that it’s Kyle et al who are tasteless ones. I think/hope…

  33. @Juicy


  34. Juicyjeezy361 just killed the pun war…

  35. I doubt it. Lamebook seems to mainly post statuses they think are hilarious these days rather than statuses they think are lame. That’s why they don’t do Lamester Of The Week anymore and why they should just rename it ‘(WeThink)’.

  36. I have a pretty vulgar and morbid sense of humor but this is not funny. That is someone’s father, son, brother. I really hope they don’t read this site.

  37. Juicy didn’t end it, I ended it. Remember, I capped it off there. Juicy needs to lighten the fuck up though, I’m with language_lover on this one. Everybody loves a good pun, and we kept it going for quite a while, and I’m sure there a few Pantera fans on this comments thread at the very least. I know wordy and I are.

    And Dimebag, show hell a real fucking cowboy. Rock on dude.

  38. The truly epic part of this post is how everybody completely ignores the attention seeking whore that is talking about breaking their jaws.

  39. I didn’t even bother to read the comments because I pretty much know what is being said on both sides.

    Nuff, I really hope you right with your last sentence.

    Pantera laid down some good ground work for their type of music and we cover a few of their songs. Dimebag is one of the legends of Heavy Metal. But I am 100% with Nuff and language_lover on this. Everybody with a decent sense of humor appreciates a good pun.

  40. What kind of female calls people ‘fucking faggots’ and says she is going to break their jaw? Kara must seriously be one low-bred skank-ass pile of diarrhea.

  41. Dimebag would definitely find humor in these puns.

    I mean, I think he would. Either way, quit whining like a little bitch, you’re just mad because when you die no one will talk about you, they will just piss on your grave and move on to the next. GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

    Okies. I love Red Stripe, p. s.

  42. Well put sue…

  43. I’ve murdered my fair share of musicians. But don’t fret, they were mostly solo jobs, and I always went for the neck so that things ended quickly. I’d pick-up the body and jam it in a trash can. The cops didn’t have a lick of sense, so it was easy to string them along. And if they want to ax some more questions, I’ll just hit them with my old whammy bar.

  44. I’m a huge pantera fan … And a huge pun fan … What could be more fun than combining the two ??? I was just ‘time saving’ here

  45. I’m still traumatised by the death of my beloved Dimebag. To the point where I have had him immortalized in ink on myself.

    My first instinct was to want to rip these guys heads off for making light of his death.

    But Dime could definitely laugh at himself so I’ll let it slide….

    Black tooth, drink it or wear it \m/

  46. Making fun of dead people is only cool if the jokes are actually funny!

  47. At least he went out with a bang.

  48. People get so upset about stuff like this…….they should just let it go in one ear and out the other.


  49. Hey, Dimebag and I have the same birthday. I know I had a blast on mine…

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