Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toys for Twats

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  1. O M G

    I see a parental argument on the horizon.


  2. Gladys, you’re a sick bitch.

  3. And Jessica, you’re not far behind your mother.

    It runs in the family.

  4. Oh how I wish I could un-read that.

  5. Right. She’s concerned about drool on her toys? That’s so backwards.

  6. Wow… Just wow..

  7. Precious’s douche? Who is Precious? Their dog?

    Also, I wonder what she thougtht it tasted like? Vinegar, tuna, and milk?

  8. I don’t say this often, but I feel sorry for that kid, she doesn’t have a chance in hell…I can only hope that Grams washes her “toys” well!

  9. That is the biggest load of BS I have ever seen on here.

  10. Wasn’t there a big chick named Precious who won an Oscar? Or did she play Precious? Either way – the image of her douche made me puke in my mouth.

    WHY am I still on this post? GAH

  11. “or you could watch her”… or you could put your shit where a toddler can’t get to it lady. Jesus-playing-percussion, don’t flip it back to your daughter’s parenting. Also, don’t worry about the baby drool on it; I’m sure it’s not the first saliva that’s been introduced to that environment.

  12. Parental argument? Nah, but probably a douching argument…gross.
    I guess Even Precious Get the Blues…

  13. Well that’s very nice, beeryce, but not all of us read that piece of shit Failbook. I’m sure there are plenty of sites that post the same stuff. We can’t read them all. So I say, so what?

  14. I read Gladys’ second comment as being sarcastic. May be a load of bs, but I’m going to agree that Jessica needs to watch her kid and Gladys needs to invest in some doorknob covers that are child-proof. Unless Gladys is like some of the FB photos posted on her and keeps her “toys” lying around everywhere.

  15. Why is everyone disgusted that grandma has play toys? She sound like a young grandma so it’s not that bad, plus Jessica’s dad is probably not a option anymore.

    Jessica is shit for letting her daughter run wild in someone elses house- hopefully assuming she doesn’t live with her mom- and is for broadcasting that and Precious on facebook! eew! I wanna know who Precious is, I was also thinking the one who won the oscar *barf*

  16. Hahah “Toys for Twats” – clever.

  17. yeah I’m kinda with er_nurse and Saffer. What’s the big deal about grandma having toys? Jessica needs to watch her kid. Good thing Grandma doesn’t play with those little round bombs from those cartoons with fuses on them. I think Grandma was just being sarcastic too. It was pretty harmless. back to work everyone

  18. Precious sounds like their very own gimp and the family likes to practice kinky sex. Grams started the shit, her daughter participates sometimes and her daughter will be introduced to it around the time she hits puberty at least, but they might try and keep it on the dl until then. That’s my scoop on things. To think though, Precious can squirt milk out of her ass now!

  19. I’ve absolutely no issue with Granny having toys. I mean, really, it’s me, for fuck’s sake. It’s the exchange I find unsavoury – even if it’s meant to be an attempt at humour.

  20. Grandma is probably 27 looking at her responses.

  21. I dont think anyone was attacking grandma for having toys, but no matter who you are you dont leave them lying around!

  22. dirtylittlepretty

    this one isn’t lame, funny, stupid or a is fucking disgusting.
    i’d slap that bitch, both of them in fact.

  23. Except that they would probably like it dlp, but I take them for more of a sadist than masochistic, so it might just be effective.

  24. Douches are disgusting no matter who uses them. Especially white trash, drug and disease infested women. Much grosser than overweight actresses.

  25. The sad thing is that the only thing that really shocks me is that they are having a conversation like this and yet can spell… weird.

  26. “Snatched” was a poorly chosen word. If it was intentional…brilliant.

  27. I was looking for my mom’s stash once and came across one of her toys. I was scared for life and never looked for it again.

    These two deserve Mother of the Year award.

  28. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake !!!

  29. This isn’t fake, it was me that submitted it. Precious is the sister, I think they are American.

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